White panel, black tray

I just got a LG 4165b and I something isn´t right.
The front panel is white, but whn I push the eject button, the drive tray is black.
What does that mean ?
Should I be worried ?
Thanks, Marcelo

Hi :slight_smile:
A lot of manufacturers are using black trays regardless of the colour of faceplate. It has to do with the theory of light reflection & it’s affect on the laser. Black reportedly reduces this. So yes it’s right that your LG has a black tray.

Just one more question !
The logos that I see on the front panel on my DVD are different from the logos that I see on pictures on the internet, I mean, It just have the DVD logo and other two, and on the picture it has 5 or 6 logos, different from mine, like the supermulti logo, but the model is the same.
Any idea why ?
Thanks again !

Hi :slight_smile:
It usually has to do with retail as oppossed to oem. But pictuers on websites are not always an accurate replica of the merchandise. As long as it works as it should I wouldn’t worry.

Thank you very much !!! :slight_smile:
I was worried because I thought the driver was refurbished or something worse !
Thanks again !