White Line on capture

OK, I’m trying to transfer my VHS to DVD.

I’m using a WIN TV PVR 500 capture card. I’m using Sonic DVD. Everything is great, except there is a white fuzzy line that distorts(like a VCR plays) on the bottom of the screen…I tried a different VCR and a different movie, but it’s the same.

There also is an orange bar on the very left. But other than that it looks great. Is there any software that removes this?

Just a few things to try and trouble shoot it. Hook it up to a tv to see that it plays normal on that. Try diffrent inputs on your capture card (rca, s-video, coax) to see if there is a problem with your card. I’m guessing that you are capturing directlly to mpeg 2 so no conversion is nesasary to go to dvd? Maybe try diffrent software to see if there is a problem with sonic and your card (a conflcit or something). It could be macrovision (hard to say without seeing a screen shot). Quite a few vhs tapes have macrovision. Try recording a tv show or something on a blank tape, then try to capture it using the same process to see if you get the same thing (since something you record your self won’t have any copy protection).