White layer of stuff formed on DVD

Hi, yesterday I was watching 24 Season 1 on DVD. I inserted Disc 4 on to my player (I’m using this player). After watching, I took out the disc, and to my horror, I saw this:


It’s some kind of strange layer of white substance formed on top. I tried wiping it with tissue paper and water, but the substance wouldn’t come off, so I assumed it was scratched really really really badly. Later, I decided to give alcohol a shot, and the stuff came off very easily when I applied alcohol on to the white layer. However, my DVD is filled with tons of scratches, thanks to abrasion caused by wiping, so I’m really ticked off

Anyone know what that white substance is? I’m afraid to use my DVD player now

Some kind of lubricant from inside the player?

My advice is open it up, have a look. It may be annoying having to get a new one if it’s not in warranty, but it’s better than wrecking your collection!

You should have been using a backup anyway - what do you think this forum’s for? :wink:

Still, open payer, see what it is.

I’d guess its some oxide. Maybe they used too much pressure when stamping the disc and its allowing air to get at the metallic layer.