White Label hard drive on eBay



So my WD10EARS 1TB drive is dying (I/O errors randomly), I decided to take a chance a bought a White Label WL4000GSA6472E drive from eBay. Apparently this drive should be some variant of the WD RE series drive. In the description it specifically say it’s 7200rpm, so hopefully I’ll get the WD4000FYYZ. Has anyone bought a White Label drive before? How’s the reliability (if you had it for a while)? Thanks.


The drive that I got had 4 bad sectors, should I send it back?


What’s the return policy?


I was reading on another forum that they should agree to an exchange, since these drives are supposed to be new. But is 4 bad sectors an acceptable range for a new drive or not? Thanks for the reply.


For a new drive, I wouldn’t accept any bad sectors. But I read that white label drives are drives refurbished by a third party, which would make me even more leery of getting one off the bat with bad sectors.

If you decide to try it out a bit more, try to format it once or twice, then try to write to it, and see if it’s healthy afterward. Maybe see if it’s reallocating more sectors, or if more bad sectors are pending, or something similar.


I’m running a Hard Disk Sentinel write & read test to it, it’s still going. If it still has bad sectors after that I’ll RMA it.


The drive still had 4 bad sectors, I sent the seller an email asking for an exchange, we’ll see what he says.


Any bad sectors on a new IDE or later drive should be concealed by sparing - for some drives, the available tools can redo this, but it depends very much if they are a few freak ones that didn’t quite fail the first testing, or a sign of worse to come.


I was able to RMA that drive, the seller paid for the return shipping. The replacement drive seems to be fine, initial scan shows no bad sectors.