White inkjet printable vs silver

does anyone know whats the difference between white and silver inkject printatble?

One is white and the other is silver. Actually the white takes the ink and gives you a more of a photo effect while the silver kinda makes the disc look 3D or layered I guess. I have tried a few of the silvers and liked the effect.

are the silver ones also for regular inkjet printers? (i thought they were for some special kind of printers).

When you purchase them just make sure they say for “ink jets” the ones I was using were BeALL brand, I think I got them from supermedia.com, not positive about that though.

Kipper, you better keep a close eye on those! I’ve had more than a few BeAlls (in fact every single disc I had of the ones mentioned below) go unreadable in a couple of months. They were Samsung branded 4x -R, don’t know if later products have improved.

My 1x BeAlls still work fine though, well at least they’re readable.

here is a post from an old thread that includes a picture comparing silver inkjet, white inkjet, and lightscribe


Haha :bigsmile: