***Whitch external DVD burner should I buy.I can't decide?***

Hello, I really need help on choosing which external DVD burner to buy. I want one at a low price (about $47 or so), and I also want it to read dvd’s too (as well as burn dvd’s). I have been looking around, and have been reading the reviews for different types of external dvd burners and I just can’t decide which one to buy. Oh ya, and I also want to buy it online, because the price is more cheaper. So here are a list of the one’s that I have been reviewing and just can’t choose which one to get: :confused:

I was planning to get this one below, but after reading the customer reviews on how it only lasted for 5 months only and many said it lasted even less than 2 months, just a short lifespan, and i really don’t want that in a dvd burner that I buy…But still kinda upset :frowning: because it was the dvd burner I was planning to buy, but anyways I changed my mind.get:
~ ["["]http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827140024&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction&AID=10446076&PID=3688007&SID=skim49X493850"




I really don’t know if the LG, Samsung,or HP brands really matter. Please feel free to share any of your experiences and opinions. I really need your help. I really can’t decide which one of these to buy. Please help me. Thank you.

If you need any additional information, please let me know.Thank you :slight_smile:

How about this LG from Amazon?

[B]Does this external dvd burner also read the dvd’s? It didn’t really say anything about that. Have you had any experience with this dvd burner?[/B] :confused:

~I also found this one (I know this one reads and write dvd’s, because I read it in the customer reviews) What do you think:


Has anyone tried this one? The customer reviews seem good.What do you think?Any opinions?

Any drive that can burn dvds can also read them. Not a problem.

I haven’t any experience with this particular one, no. But LG tends to make reasonably good drives…rarely spectacular at any specific task, but not many true duds either. One of our moderators here likes her LG external drive quite well, but hers is almost certainly an earlier model.

The only reason not to consider LG is if you plan to do quality scans with your drive. LG does not support that function. Very few regular users need that ability, but if for some reason you want to, consider a Lite-on instead.

My only LG drive is a Blu ray burner. It burns dvds quite well also, but I only use high quality media in it. Verbatim 16x provides excellent results burned at 8 or 12x in that burner. I tend to burn at less than top speed, and haven’t tried it at 16x.

Oh okay…LG works for me :slight_smile: Burning at lower speeds is much better, because of the quality (i have heard) so burning at 8x or 4x is just fine. But now I can’t decide wich one I should buy out of these two :confused: They both have good reviews and is what i’m looking for… What do you think? I am thinking on going with the second link, but the first link has a higher number of customers who buy it.Please help.Thank you.


EDIT: hey, I just noticed that the second link says this under "Techinical Details: [I]“They may have fingerprints or small scratches from being opened and repackaged.”[/I] What does this mean? It’s still new though… I dont know about the second link now…

Can’t say I like the “repackaged” comment either. A new drive doesn’t have to be repackaged.

By the way, if you get a slim drive and its top speed is 8x, I’d try burning Verbatim 16x media at 8x at first…slower speeds with modern media is not always a good policy. If you get a full sized drive, like the LG 20x I linked, try 12x or 8x, but not slower.

[B]Hey wait a minute… This DVD burner reads the dvd’s without a trial, right? Because I have come accross many that fuction like that, and it’s not what im looking for…[/B]

Without a trial? Are you talking about reading dvd-video on a computer? The hardware will work regardless. The trial would be the software used to playback the video.

In any case, you can get free media players that can playback dvd-video from any dvd drive.

VLC www.videolan.org
Media Player Classic HomeCinema http://mpc-hc.sourceforge.net/

Oh, so the trial software is used to playback the video on the computer,right?Now I get it :doh: :slight_smile: :bigsmile:
So, I have decided to get the full external dvd driver:

Thank you for your help I really appreciate it. :bow:

Hi,[QUOTE=yellow111;2502660]Oh, so the trial software is used to playback the video on the computer,right?Now I get it :doh: :)[/quote]Normally, LG drives come with OEM versions of Nerö and Cyberlink DVD playback and authoring software. These are stripped down in features (compared to the retail versions of that software), but they are not time restricted demo versions.
Disclaimer: this might not apply to all markets on the world.

So, I have decided to get the full external dvd driver:
(Amazon link)
A drive[B]r[/B] is something else than an optical drive. Also, I would have preferred if you simply mentioned the exact model instead of posting a shop link.