Whistling noise on DVD :(



When I watch some but not all backed-up DVD’s on my PC either via mounting an image or on a DVD-R its fine. When I watch it on a normal DVD player it’s fine. However when I watch some of them on my Slimline PS2 I get a highpitched whisyling noise in the background.

Any ideas??


I don’t know. Is there a sound output gain control in settings? If it is set to maximum, turn it down. But PS2 is not a DVD player specific device. Same with XBox. It is not optimized for DVD movies and surround sound from movie tracks. Rather than waste time and effort, figuring out an answer to a question that is not that important, I’d suggest that you just play your movies on a real player in your home entertainment system …

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Dead on - tell u what crofty - send me your PS2 and I wil send u my brgain DVDpalyer (£29.99 from Asda) - Deal? and there is no whistling from it !


Of course could the ps2 read dvds still fine, what’s in the ps2, a dvd-rom. The problem with the ps2 is only the media for backups that i’m using, the ps2 doesn’t like many brands, which also gives playback and reading problems.