Whippes it out Slotted it in...BOOM!

Well the replacement 1620 arrived earlier today and after the acclimatization
period(2 hrs), i decided to have a play.First thing that caught my eye was a
behemoth of a drive compared to my other Liteons around 1/2 inch longer.
Size doesn’t matter right!!!
Installation was as smoth as silk with XP PRO and service pack 2 along with all updates listing the drive as OEM with firmware G7H9. My first burn is with
firmware G7H9 followed by G7P9 and finally B7P9. Too early to give my final
thoughts on the drive but my last burn is quite impressive. More testing with
different media to follow.

A Liteon x11 drive with HS0R likes to give you very bad PIEs. FS07 will reduce them by about 4-5x.

I would also like to see a scan done with the BenQ writer :slight_smile:

Yep, scan with the BenQ at 8x in Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.61. You can download it at http://www.cdspeed2000.com I believe. Give her a go and see how they look. :slight_smile: