While the Firmware Site is Down

I can’t access the firmware or the firmware utilities right now. Could somebody post at least the firmware utilities until the main site or the mirror site is back up?

I’m looking for the following files in this order of importance:

[li]EEPROM Utility[/li][li]KC4B Firmware[/li][li]Patched KS0B Firmare[/li][li]Patched KS0B with fast burn FBD/FBDX Firmware[/li][li]XFlash Utility[/ol]Below are the sites that are not fully functional where I have tried to find these files:[/li][ol]
[li]http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares.html[/li][li]http://codeworks.cdfreaks.com/firmwares.html[/li][li]http://codeguys.rpc1.org/utilities.html[/li][li]http://codeworks.cdfreaks.com/utilities.html[/li][li]http://codeworks.cdfreaks.com/cgmirror/[/li][li]The above sites in Google cache.[/li][li]The above sites in archive.org.[/ol]Actually I was just able to find EEPROM 3.2.0 at archive.org which isn’t the latest 3.8.3 version, but it’s better than nothing. So far I haven’t been able to find anything else.[/li]

I don’t think I noticed that there was an announcement about the mirror site when I made this post or else I probably would have posted there. I just noticed that the mirror was up and I have gotten most the files I wanted. At http://codeworks.cdfreaks.com/cgmirror/ I was able to find the latest EEPROM Utility, KC4B, the patched KS0B and the latest XFlash Utility. I don’t think I need anything else. Thank you all so much for your help.


Anyone got a mirror for TDB site ?

[QUOTE=xaudiox;1944839]Anyone got a mirror for TDB site ?[/QUOTE]

Which firmware do you need?

I could use the 20A4P.9P54.patched-fb-eos.rar firmware - it’s not linked from the mirrored site (it’s currently down, too) and I don’t want to bother anyone who’s working on restoring the firmware sites - I’m sure they’re busy enough.

If anyone has the time and knows of an alternative link (nothing shows up in Google) or could PM this to me, I’d appreciate it. I have a new 20A4P but wanted the latest modified firmware before using it.


Go and search :flower:

Originally Posted by [B]C0deKing[/B]
[I]Any link you find on the forum that starts off with:

Change this part to:

for example:


Hope it help

HyAfo, thanks for cracking the code for me! It worked! I hadn’t come across (or failed to see and/or read) C0deKing’s instructions for changing the link addresses. I appreciate you pointing it out for me! Now I get to play with my new toy!

New link for the 20A4P.9P54.patched-fb-eos.rar firmware:


Original link:


ok, RPC1 is back online, apologies for the downtime

[QUOTE=PumaUK;1947953]ok, RPC1 is back online, apologies for the downtime[/QUOTE]
Great news - Thanks!