While some predict PS3 to be $499, price may vary drastically

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 Following  the CES, Sony has decided to withdraw from its spring 2006 launch and while Sony  has yet to officially announce the upcoming Playstation 3 pricing or a new  release date, some...
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HD-DVD…Blu-ray…history has a funny way of repeating itself (anyone remember betamax & vhs??). I think Sony is taking a huge gamble with incorporating Blu-ray into the PS3. Look at the size of those discs! When leaping ahead in technology, consumers want smaller, faster, better products…not technology that resembles the same crap out there. What will the next UNIFIED storage format be?? I do not know, but I am pretty sure it will not be Blu-ray :d Sorry Sony :c

Many people credit the PS2 as kickstarting a lot of consumers buying DVD’s as it did not need a seperate key / dongle that the XBox needed. There’s no reason why they can’t do it again with blu-ray.

The japanese don’t like big things unless it’s Godzilla.

It’s not really time to take it to another level. Not enough HDTV penetration yet. X-Box 360 is blowing no one away really, it’s just a fad right now. It isnt like going from N64 to PS2. It’s more like X-Box to X-Box 360 and that aint anything special. HD-DVD seems like a complete waste of time in general and Blu-Ray doesnt seem much better. I still havent finished my DVD collection!

It won’t be a big deal until HD TV’s under a $1000 become good. I got a Sony Wega HDTV for $630 at Circuit City and it was better than any tv I ever owned. However, it it wasn’t mindblowing great so I returned it… Not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a tv.

i failed to mention the progressive scan made some dvd’s look worse for some reason. i was really disappointed and so was my back. that thing was huge, weighed like 110 pounds, and it was only 27 inches.

LOL, my 65" Sony Widescreen weighs in at 330lbs… But it does have a great HD picture… Progressive really looks its best on HD screens, especially projection screens…

The HD-DVD drive for the XBox 360 should be cheaper than a stand-alone drive, since the XBox can handle all of the processing and outputs. The drive will be just a drive really. I’m betting than an XBox 360 combined with the HD-DVD drive will be the same as or cheaper than a PS3.

C’mon, do you really believe that Sony did not already plan to push back their first ship date. Like MS with the XB360, Sony will wait until the period between Halloween and Thanksgiving (US) to release in order to cause a free publicity free-for-all when it becomes well known to be the “hottest toy for Christmas 2006”. That’s what they all do. Anyway, in regard to Xbox requiring a dongle to play DVD’s, short memory, PS2 required consumers to buy a separate remote to control it like a DVD player, although the console probably did play DVD’s without any other add-ins. By the time the Xbox was released, however, DVD player prices had already fallen below the PS2 and Xbox console price (though I believe it was another year before they reached the sub-$100 US level), so MS had less incentive to make it a DVD player right off the bat. Also, of course Sony will subsidize the console to the same price spread as the XB360, because they know that only a handful of people will buy it to be a BR player only, especially since BR movies, if they are released by then, will not be plentiful, and even if that were someone’s ulterior motive, they’d still buy some games because, let’s face it, us guys like to play video games. :B

MS didn’t make the xbox a dvd player from the box because they would have to pay royalties to sony for the dvd technology used. instead they let those who wanted to watch dvds pay a premium for doing so, it meant those who didn’t want to watch dvds did not pay the extra and helped to vut the price of the hardware down. i agree with that method, i don’t want to buy anything i don’t really want, hence i don’t buy pcs, i build my own. i usually don’t want the high end graphics card and i damn sure won’t pay the extra to have one just because thats what the pc comes with. its the same with the hd-dvd drive for the 360. sure it could come as standard, but i know of 1 person who acually has a high def TV, and they couldn’t make use of it anyways cause there are no HD films out. they could of course play games in high def either way. why bother adding an expensive part to it, when in less than a year the part will actually be cheaper, and have a purpose beyond raising the price of the 360. the ps3 will be well placed to deliver hd content, and so sony will use that to there advantage. despite what some may think, people will buy the ps3 just because its a ps3 (a lot of people are that stupid), doesn’t matter what the cost as long as it has a ps3 badge on it. sony will use this to gain larger market share.

it will be $299.

i think that only applies to japanese market as dvd players were as expensive as ps2 when ps2 came out. japanese wanted a new game machine & dvd was a good incentive to buy ps2. i am not sure that would be the case for bd players.

progressive scan won’t make any images worse, but the way the tv converts the interlaced signals to progressive signals. if the tv is weaving (weaving odd & even fields) most of time, low motions would be shown at greater details, but when it comes to high motions, there will be zigging artifacts if the tv is interpolating (bob) most of time, the image might be soft but the motions would be smoother. the frame rate of the contents & the reflash rate of tv signal (30fps for ntsc) can cause ghosting & color noises. 3:2 pulldown & other pulldown methods can make the motions cleaner problem is that not many tvs can do these things accordingly (not even my friend’s sony grand wega)

i bet it will be at least 399usd + no bd movie playback unless you pay more. ps2 should be alive for at least few more years until bd systems become reasonably priced if ever & hd tvs are common. hdmi output signals bd playback, but i think it will be optional feature.

I am a bit surprised of the “cell” to be credited for higher price: the more muscle in the cell, the less need for fancy… and expensive GPU from ATI, or NVIDIA! – The blu-ray is another story, and I doubt seriously that Sony wnat to re-edit the BetaMAx fiasco. But it is way to early to tell. Sony may decide to not cell the BLU-RAY as a generic peripheral, and keep it to control the media, since they have a huhe library of films… A winning strategy? I doubt it: consumers are not that dumb!

i remember reading not so long ago that the cell, the blu-ray drive and the graphics chip would cost sony $101 each. the cell has been well made…but not for games. they need all the muscle they can get from the graphics chip because they spent $2 billion on developing a cell chip thats utterly useless for games. its just another con, just like the ps2 when they made all the fuss about the emotion engine and how it could render final fantasy like cut scenes in real time and it was going to be found in pcs etc etc. some people will no doubt buy into that. i’ve seen game trailers rendered using the ps3, and the 360, i can see no difference at all, so i think i’d rather save money and buy the 360 and i therefore would also not be crippled by the drm of next gen optical discs.

I feel that the PS3 will be the same price as the Xbox 360, just for the fact of competition. Sony really doesn’t care about how much it costs, what they want is a PS3 in every home, and Blue-ray as the standard in the next-gen dvd format. They would be stupid to release the PS3 at $499 or more. But then again, this makes one wonder about the cost of games. If the price of discs are so expensive, what would the price of a game be? As you can see, they would definitely be stupid to make the price of games more expensive than the 360’s, so therefore, they will take an even greater loss on the media. As you can see, they will spend all the money they can to make sure they win both wars. Just look at MS. They took major loss on the first Xbox to get to where they are now. Only time will tell whether or not it will pay off for them when Sony releases the PS3. More than likely, the PS3 is being hyped up to be way better than the 360. In reality, I don’t think many people are going to have two 30 inch Plasma screens in their home to hook up a PS3 to simultaneously. Useless power, as I see it. Although I can’t really say how “good” the games are going to be since I am not on the inside and looking at the game development process for PS3, I believe it won’t be that much better than 360, unlike what Sony want’s you to believe. They show a video of Killzone 2 at E3, and call it ingame footage, and obviously, it blows everyone away. I was blown away myself. (Of course, if you look at second generation 360 games, such as Gears of War, they look much more polished than the obviously rushed first-gen games.) As you can see, Sony only have trailers of games at this point, not any playable PS3s. You would think by this late in the game, they would have playable units by now. Spring is only a few months away.

Doesn’t matter what the price is, I’ll wait until it’s 100 quid and the Russians have hacked and mod chipped it to the top. I want it to be able to play all my old vinyl tracks and TurboGrafx-16 titles. :g