While Napster Was Sleeping



I just posted the article While Napster Was Sleeping.

Napster they still make it sound like its the best program to get your mp3s but it aint that anymore for some weeks now…

Napster remains the most highly trafficked file-trading website on the…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2203-While-Napster-Was-Sleeping.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2203-While-Napster-Was-Sleeping.html)

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Why do those people from Napster put so much time in it to keep it online. When people get to choose from free services like KaZaa or a service where they have to pay the choice is made quite fast. Personally I prefer ftp’s above those sharing programs anyway :wink:


Audiognome is the best as it can access all servers! http://www.audiognome.com


Igua, I think these programs definitely bring convenience to regular end-users, besides it makes searching easier than a FTP server, plus more choices such as selection to video/audio/picture files, and more… Perhaps you can take a look to those programs. =) It doesn’t hurt…


Why doesn’t anybody use gnuclues? gnutella and it’s opensource! At least they don’t spy you!


http://www.winmx.com USE IT!


so many sharing programs, everyone with flaws, lol, everyone knows napster sux, been so for ages :slight_smile: lots of clones came or different approaches on file sharing, but some with spyware, others with lots of bug


yes winmx.com kazaa.com is also cool. and downloads are faster.