Whichone beall or Taiyo Yuden ( samsung label)

whichone beall or Taiyo Yuden ( samsung label)

i just look this offer in acca http://www.accaproducts.com/sadv44x0ea101.html , but i dont know if are beall or Taiyo Yuden , does anybody has an idea . because if they are Taiyo Yuden , is a good price , a very good price and i really woud like to know ,
thank for your time

Hi there !

Here in Europe Samsung DVD-R printable are made by Mitsui, regular - TY, Prodisc, BeAll.
Samsung DVD+R - by BeAll & TY.

Judging by the cakebox, those you refered to are supposed to be TY, i.e. # 1699-100 and 1699-50.

Samsung printable w # 1696 - BeAll

The Newegg.com 50Pack Samsung 4x +R have been all TY so far.
Their 25packs are Beall.
$37.99 50 Samsung TY free shipping

Just drop them an email at ACCA, they’ll tell you what they are.