Which writer?!


Can anyone suggest a writer that can do the following:

  • 12x or 16x write speed
  • 8x or faster re-write
  • 32x or faster Read speed
  • ability to rip Audio at high speed (> 16x)
  • BurnProof
  • Ability to read/write safedisc and safedisc 2 protections for backing up
  • Relatively cheap

The Creative 12x10x32 looked good (based on Plextor) but I’m not sure if it can write Safedisc 2 for use in any recorder… ?

Thanks in advance,

  • Rick.

Try a lite-on 12/10/40 its quite cheap ,fast,and SD2’s not a prob. Make sure it’s the 1210b though.
Check out the writers here though


Sup Rick.

Ok i had the same thoughts about the creative.
Turns out that creatives are a peice of shit.
only the first batch was a plextor rebadge. The rest of them are some unnamed brand that sucks.

Unless you can definateley make sure its a plextor, u better forget about creative.

Besides the plextors are only readable in the recorder (safedisk 2).


try a cheap toshiba 1402 dvd reader and a acer 1208 a.

Well the new Plextor 24x can do SafeDisc 2 but it’s not very cheap… However you can be sure it will work for quite some time (2 year warantee in Europe) and they are very reliable. The LiteOn writers are cheaper and can do the same things as the Plex but I don’t know how reliable they are…

I think these are the only two drives that can do what you…

Je moet een Plextor 16x10x40 nemen…

Prachtig apparaat !!


if you have the money but the plex 161040 SCSI, (24x is not out yet in SCSI?). If you ever tried a SCSI writer you know why, it’s the best there is… too bad they’re so expensive :frowning:

Originally posted by User
[B]Je moet een Plextor 16x10x40 nemen…

Prachtig apparaat !!

Groetzz [/B]
This is an English forum…

And second this drive cannot handle SafeDisc 2. To be honest I think this is one of the worst Plextor drives…


Thanks for all the replies. After looking into it, the LiteOn 24x10x40 looks like a good option. It supports BurnProof, fast good-quality DAE, correct EMF encoding for Safedisc 2 backups, and full support with CloneCD and Nero. Also I can get it for £92 from buy.com using the special voucher…

The plextors look good, although the 16x can’t do safedisc 2, but they are too pricey, if they don’t drop their prices they are going to lose out to Lite-On whose drives are 25-35% cheaper in the UK and with basically the same features.


  • Rick.