Which WRITER to use to get good audiocd burns?

Well, recently I bought an ASUS 52/24/52. But the specs don’t meet up with the results. Data cd’s are no problem, but writing decent audio cd’s is problematic: the drive writes audio jitter, which is especially noticeble in quiet passages and fade in / fade out’s of songs. Nero and Easy CD Creator doesn’t allow to write at lower speeds then 4 times, which is just to much to get a decent audiocd burn.

Which drives do you the users of this site recommend for writers that are used almost only to write audio cd’s?

From what I read it seems like most people prefer either Lite-On or Plextor. – I have no experience with Lite-On, but my PlexWriter 40/12/40A gives me perfect quality audio cd’s complete with CD text.

It seems strange that your brand new 52x writer gives you bad audio burns though…

  • When you burn your audio cd’s, do you rip the songs yourself, or are they from mp3? Could it be that the ripping program or CD drive you use to rip the tracks is where the jitter comes from?

  • What brand of blank cd do you use? Mabye using a higher quality media would help…

  • Could it just be a problem with your audio cd player, and not the burned disc?

The writer can’t write audio jitter, but pit/land jitter, that, in theory can’t affect audio jitter in any way, exept, from some very hypothetical conjectures, affecting the servo, that would pump current from the power supply, that would badly react by lowering the voltage, that would affect the master clock. In practice, no one proved that any difference exists between a pressed CD and an error free copy on CDR (exept C1 error rate, that is much lower on copies). Just claims… no blind ABX test yet.

If you have got a problem at low level or fade in/out, the cause is certainly not pit/land jitter, but a distorded source.
First thing to check is extracting a track of the copy and comparing it to an extraction of the original. EAC can do it, correcting offsets. A binary compare won’t help you, because of offsets. It would return differences all along.

Also, burning below 4x was maybe necessary on 4x burners, but it has been shown that on recent burners, it is not the case (http://www.emedialive.com/EM2000/starrett5.html showing the opposite behaviour on Memorex media on 12x burner ; http://www-user.tu-chemnitz.de/~noe/LiteOn/C1-scans/index-eng.html stating that LiteOn LTR-40125S/W @ 48125W, VS02 burner is unable to burn slower than 24x properly, exept with Verbatim CDRs).

Hey everybody

Thx very much for writing in on the ASUS 52/24/52, when it comes to writing audio.

After much testing, and applying suggestions by the users of the forums I’ve found this solution.

Although the Asus manual states that using a Pentium 166 is enough for writing, it isn’t enough for audiowriting, especially when MP3’s are decompressed in the same time as when burning. I tried Easy CD Creator 5 and Nero’s last version, but the problem was about the same (Nero did a slightly better job).

Then, I tried decompressing the MP3’s to Wav’s before starting with the burn’s. This reduced the problem at least by half. I use a very sensitive Beyer Dynamic DT911, and without this headphone the problem would probably not even be noticeble.

However, when listening to the same cd, listening thru the frontjack, the Phlips RW404 (an old trusted baby) is noticebly better than the Asus CRW-5224a (in the same PC configuration) when listening to audio cd’s. The volume can be cranked up more, and even then the audio is less noisy and more detailed.

Thx for your suggestions everybody.

Ronald Clercx

So this would be a CD Playback problem.
Is the Philips a computer drive or a CD Player ? Did you try in a hifi CD player ?

Does recording at 4X necessary? I always burn at max using my tdk 4800b and everything works fine.

Well, after one more evening experimenting with different configurations (switching power, sound & idecables I think I can tell you my final opinion on the Asus 52/24/52 (CRW-5224 A).

It’s as you say a playback problem or better said a poor drive for audioplayback.

The Philips PCRW 404 is an internal ide writer (old skool max. 4 times writing speed). But when it comes to audioplayback it beats the new ASUS hands down. I used a very dynamic audiocd, and listened with a Beyer Dynamic headphone, only using the frontjacks (to make sure it was not a soundcard problem). The ASUS in audioplayback mode sounds very flimpsy, and their is a lot of harmonical distortion going on, very noticeble when you crank up the volume. The Philips however, even at loud frontjackvolume sounds clear and full. When listening to both drives thru the soundcard, the problem for the ASUS is even more noticeble, especially when you got 3D enhancers working.

To be sure, I switched the drives of position (may’be their was an interference problem going on from the power block of the computer), but this didn’t change the poor audioplayback of the ASUS.

Could it be that in order to win the speed writing race, ASUS has a problem shielding the drive (I mean the high-powered drive mechanism interferes with the audioplayback?) or have cut costs on the audioplayback? Four days ago I wrote in to the ASUS helpdesk, but they stay silent.

ASUS: makes a great job of fast burning, but when you want to use this drive as an audioplayback drive, you’d better look somewhere else.

Thx for writing in.

Ronald Clercx