Which writer should i buy

The LiteOn. Where media from other drives/scratched or sub-standard media is concerned, it’s the cat’s meow. :slight_smile:

That makes LiteOns the best overall drives :slight_smile:

Probably does - but with drives costing so little I think it makes sense to have at least 3 different drives. I had a disk today that could not be read by a BenQ1650
or by a Liteon SHM 165P6S. It could however be read by a Liteon SOHW 1693S.

To burn I always use a BenQ ( 1650 or 1655) but to scan it has to be a Liteon.

If the best overall drive really exists I certainly haven’t seen it. Besides you can’t rip, burn and scan all at the same time with only one drive so 3 drives on 3 machines makes more sense to me.

Yes, if you have that many IDE ports or dont mind swapping drives.

My mobo is one of the newer ones but the shortage of SATA writers sucks.

But your point is absolutely right, multiple writers are the way to go. After all we aren’t called CD/DVD freaks for nothin :smiley:

Edit: just saw that you mentioned different machines…so my first point holds true for the folks who use one machine

With one machine I would just pop in a BenQ 1650 and a liteon.

OT: Running 6 machines does allow for more drives. Have just taken two old P4 2.4 machines and removed their massive 75 gig drives :bigsmile: - replacing them with a sata card and 300 gig drive. memory up to 2 gig and now they can be used to scan or rip while my newer machines do the burning. they are certainly good enough to use for work. Using KMV cables allows me to run three machines with only one monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The only problem being that when all 6 are running it is easy to forget what each machine is doing.

So i am going to buy a benq1650 this time and i have an old lg dvd-rom and a 812s so i can use them for reading.Because liteon 165p6s is sold in another city.I cant wait for the cargo.I’ll go and buy mysefl it will be in the machine this night.Maybe a newer liteon in the future.

I just bought my benq 1650 writer.I havent tested it yet.I first go for a firmware upgrade i downloaded the BCIC from support page of benq.Then i recognized the firmware on the drive was BCFC and i couldnt see it on the benq’s page.Now which software can i use to back up my current firmware.

For what I know the only way is to flash again with the BCFC firmware. If you can’t find it anywhere, probably the only thing to do is write to benq support asking a link to download it.

Which version of the LiteOn do you recommend?

BCFC can be found here:


Have no idea about the latest models. I have a 165P6S and 1693S still working.
I only use them for scanning. I picked up a spare 165P6S a few days ago quite cheap. I would imagine that a more recent drive though would be better.

If burning, however, is the most important thing then BenQ 1650 (BCIC) and genuine unlabeled Taiyo Yuden 02 +R is the best in my experience.