Which writer should i buy

I am a noob and i want to buy a new writer because my old liteon 812s(@832s) seems to write medias but some of them are unable to be read.So i looked around and found the drives listed below that i can buy easyly.(sorry for my english)

Help me to select one of these and let me know which media should i use with them.(Brand, and + or - discs)

ASUS DRW-1608P3S-------46$
BENQ DW1650-------------36$
LG GSA-H10N--------------36$
LITEON SHM-165P6S-09C–37$
NEC ND-3570--------------33$
NEC ND-4570--------------35$
PHILIPS PBDV1660B--------38$

these are from another shop
NEC ND-3550A------------39.6$
NEC ND-3551-------------52.9$
SAMSUNG SH-S182D/B----37.8$
LG GSA-4165B------------39.6$

the last shop
NEC ND-3551-------------36$(no left in stock they said it will come)
NEC ND-3570-------------34$
NEC ND-4570-------------36$
PHILIPS PBDV16LSB-------40$(no left in stock they said it will come)
PIONEER 110D BLACK------35$

which one should i buy.

Here is a few media i found around in my room and i can buy these medias or some other good brands like tdk verbatim or others but i am a student and price is important also.

FLY(DVD-R 4X)…King Pro…DKMZ01
IO Mega(DVD-R 8X)…CMC Magnetics Corp…CMC MAG. AE1
Diamond DVD-R 8X…Digital Storage Corporation (DST)…Dvsn-80
Imation DVD+R 8x…Moser Baer India Ltd…MBIPG101
Nortech DVD+R 8x…Advanced Media Limited…AML
Nortech DVD-R 8x…Ume Disc Manufactoring Ltd…UME01
BENQ DVD+R 8x…Daxon Technology Inc…DAXON
Diamond DVD+R 8x…Mitsubishi Chemical Corp…MCC
Philips DVD+R 8x…CMC Magnetics Corp…CMC MAG
Maxell DVD-R 8x…Ritek Corp…RITEKG05
DMS DVD+R 8x…Sony Recording Media Co…SONY D11

I suggest a LITEON SHM-165P6S: a very good burner and it also allow you to make quality test of your burned discs.

Regarding media, I suggest to buy verbatim discs (avoid the “Pearl White” series), and if you can find also Taiyo Yuden discs.

All discs you listed, except for Sony discs, are low quality media, and I suggest you to avoid to buy them.

The BenQ 1650 or the LiteOn 165P6S (in fact, I just bought the LiteOn 165P6S myself). :slight_smile:

I agree with Geno on the media brands, too (the best ones on the list IMO are the Imation 8x +Rs or the Philips 8x discs, though, if you’re really low on cash) :slight_smile:

Is there a way to fake the producer of the disc because DMS brand is a local one (I live in TURKEY) and it is cheap i think it has bean so long i have bought one.How can i know it is really a sony inside.

Get the BenQ 1650 - way better than any other

If it’s not fake, it is most probably lower-grade Sony. And faking mediacodes on discs is pretty easy to do.

This is a really difficult question. Probably the only way is to buy a box and test discs.

Anyway I must make a correction to my previous post. I’m sorry for the error, but I didn’t realize that Sony discs were not of Sony brand, so I’m not sure that these discs are good.

I still suggest strongly to buy some verbatim (again not the “pearl white” series) or some TY.

Do you have SATA ports? If so go SATA. It rocks.

I dont know that can i find any TY but i can find verbatim easyly.

VERBATIM 16X 4.7GB 50 SPINDLE DVD+R---------~23$
TDK 4.7GB 16X 50 CAKEBOX DVD+R--------------~32$
SONY 4.7GB DVD-R 25 CAKEBOX-----------------~16$
RIDATA 4.7GB 16x 50 CAKEBOX DVD+R-----------~23$
RIDATA 4.7GB 8x 50 CAKEBOX DVD-R------------~21$

i found these at an online shoping site.TDK and Sony are too expensive but verabtim is ok.
and its not pearl white thing i think it says they are advanced azo
its picture is like this.

No i dont have any sata port and i cant imagine thy it rocks :confused:

Verbatim discs are the better in that list :iagree:

Avoid Ridata :eek:

I want to ask one more thing think of a good brand verbatim as we considered should i buy +R or -R what is the difference.I want my recordings stay years and years.

+R or -R is the same, because most of nowdays burners can write both them.


Not to forget that Philips 1660 :wink:

IMO are the Imation 8x +Rs or the Philips 8x discs, though, if you’re really low on cash) :slight_smile:
I am not very happy with my Philips branded INFOME R30, so I wouldn’t trust their other MIDs, too. In that case I’d prefer the Imation MBI.


I have a very bad history with an old philips cd-rw and after that i really stay away from them.But i saw an external philips writer and it was carrying a liteon inside.If this is something like that i can think about it.

I’m surprised no one mentioned Samsung S182M (maybe Mikey didnt read this thread yet :D)

Its the best 18X burner (quality wise) as of now and also a great reader.

the BenQ 1650 is among the lowest price, go for it

Hehe, yep, the Philips 1660 :wink:

I’ve used Philips branded CMC MAG. E01, they’re OK (used an LG drive though). :slight_smile:

The 1660 I mentioned is the same hardware as Benq 1650. There are some people that have crossflashed their Benq drives to Philips and vice versa. Like Sony, Philips is just selling drives made by other manufacturers like Benq and Liteon. And also like Sony, they have custom firmware and faceplate. :bigsmile:


Does all the drives have some problems.

Samsung drive seems to have a problem about dvd-r media it doesnt writes or when it writes it can not reads itself.

Benq seems to write ok but it seem it can not read scratched medias good.

These are the things i read from other topic which one should i buy i’m still asking. :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: