Which Writer should I buy?

I mainly burn DVD-R’s and cdrs using verb discs.

I dont want to spend too much either…

I’ve had good luck with NEC&Liteon’s, Your all benq lovers but I cant find a BenQ retailer.


Go for the £20 Philips. It’ll either be a SPD2400 (LIteon 1635) or a 1660P1 (Benq 1650). It’s a simple cross flash to the Litey or Benq & for £20 well worth the money. You won’t get a better burner any cheaper.
Call SVP first to confirm that it is 1 of these I’ve mentioned.

Alternatively PC World are selling the Benq 1650 for £35. Must be one of them near.

I cant see the philips :S

I dont mind ordering from another etailer other than svp if its eaiser/cheaper :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
From SVP.
1st For £20. Philips. In the past this has been a Lite-On or BenQ,
2nd Under £24. Pioneer. Excellent drive.
Online BenQ Suppliers.
TechFever Komplett BurnMedia
Just to name a few.

It’s actually shown as the first dvd writer under £20. Here’s the direct link .

Can someone else ring SVP i’m telephone shy :frowning:

Hi :slight_smile:
Check your PMs. :bigsmile:

lol thanks :slight_smile:

1650 and 111 would be good drives to look for! Good luck!