Which writer now!

:rolleyes:Hi i currently have Pioneer DVR 215DBK Liteon LH 18A1H and just sold a Liteon 20A1S
I am now looking for a new Writer so that my pioneer doesnt do all the writing!
I only use the 18A1H for lightscribing and reading disc,but now want a new writer/reader.
Any ideas as to what models would be good i have read on the forum for a long time but cant decide whether to wait for the DVR 216D Or get an NEC 7203S :rolleyes:
Any suggestions greatly received!
I never really got on with the 20A1S, as certain times it just would not pick ups discs i inserted.
Good reader though as you all know,are there any other readers as good as this?

writer - NEC 7203S
reader - some LG or Samsung

Unless you have a need for labelflash (7203S) or another lightscribe drive ( 7201S) I would just get the NEC 7200S.

Thanks for your input,i was just looking at results from the newest Samsung SH-S223.
This also looks like a promising drive with coDekings patches etc.
Maybe i will go for the NEC 7201S because i do use the lightscribe feature on my 18A1H(just incase the Litey Fails!)

I think you would be pleased with either drive. Happy burning.