Which writer for scanning?



I currently have a NEC 3520a, with which I’m pretty happy. Since discovering this forum, I’m losing my mind with optical media and now I need something to scan with (NEC can’t do scans, and I only have DVD-ROM drives on hand, who’s results are useless). So I’d like a recommendation on which writer to buy for semi-exclusive scanning work. I may burn a DVD with it once in a blue moon, but it’ll mostly be used for scanning. Therefore it’s important that it should last long while performing reading duty (some people “save” their writers by not reading with them). Writing speed is not important, especially if I can save some $.

Currently I’m looking at the BenQ 1620, but KProbe2 doesn’t work with it. The Lite-On 811S that everybody seems to use doesn’t seem to be available anymore.

Please advise.


BenQ 1620 is a decent choice (it works with CD DVD speed, which is an alternative to kProbe2 for other than Mediatek chipset drives).

A cheaper alternative would be AOpen DVD-1648/AAP dvd-rom, which also can report PIE/PIF/POF/jitter through CD-DVD Speed utility.

Do understand though, that scanning with a single drive doesn’t guarantee that the burn is readable/of good quality for other drives (of different make/model).


I have a Liteon 1213s (flashed to 1633s), a Liteon 832s, and two Benq 1620 drives – actually, I have more drives than that, but those are the ones which support scanning. I run most scans on the Benq 1620, as it gives reproducible results while scanning at (up to) 8x. However, I have a lot of really cheap media, which mostly works (MUST001 and MEDIAID001 for example). The Benq 1620 will often error out when attempting to scan the cheap media, where the Liteon 1213@1633 will not. And the Benq is a much better burner. I would recommend the Benq if you’re going to be working with quality media, and the Liteon 1633/1653/1673 if you’re going to be working with any cheap media.


Great, thanks guys! I’m working with quality media (well, if Ritek and CMC can be called quality media - those are the lowest quality media I use); I just ordered a BenQ 1620.