Which writer for ps2 backups?

Hello All,
I am a new subscriber to this site although I have been reading all the forums for many months now, and I would like a question answered for me once and for all, if possible?

I have a ps2, fitted with the fliptop lid and swap magic disc. I bought this after my young son, (now nearly 3 yrs old) was frequently found with a game disc in his mouth/messy hands and thus breaking them. So I took it upon myself to buy a means to backup my games following many re-buys of my broken games.

That brings me to my question…

Which DVD burner would be the best to make backups of my games?

This will be the main reason for the purchase, although I would also like to backup my movie collection I suppose. Although I do not have a CD writer, and this drive would also be used for this purpose, it is not a primary concern.

I have read all the review articles and also many of the forums, and heard many sides of the debates. However, not many have related to backing up PS2 games. (Some of the articles go into this a little.)

Can anyone out there recommend a writer, and explain their reasons, and also any software they use?
My current thoughts are with either the NEC 2500 for its writing ability or the LiteOn 812 for its apparent ability to get past the copyright. Also, DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink and then either Nero or Alcohol sound like the way forward to actively rip and then burn the games???

Please can anyone advise

Thanks in advance to all.

Welcome mcegrb.

When I was getting a burner, I was considering backing up my games as well (rugrats scratched my BRAND NEW ratchet n clank 2). I think my general understanding was that they’re pretty much all the same for copying PS2 games. Just hit dvd decryptor in iso mode and u should be fine. the cd ones use libcrypt and require reading of sub channel data, but it shouldn’t be too hard for any burner. Clony actually makes ps games look like a joke. So to sum up, pretty much any dvdrw should be fine, according to what I’ve read (haven’t brought myself to mod my ps yet as its still under warranty).

Hi Booma, and thanks for the reply.
I got my PS2 modded at a Computer fair (not sure if you have them where you are, but probably - alternatively you can buy them off the internet)
What my mod basically is (sorry if you know this already), it’s a replacement cover for you ps2 which includes a fliptop lid. All you do to install one of these is take out the screws of your original casing on your ps2 and take the casing off, and then replace it with this flip top casing. Then you simply put in a SWAP MAGIC start up disc (again readily available on internet) and then follow on the on-screen instructions. There is no direct modifications to the ps2, such as soldering/chips etc. If your ps2 did then break (e.g. laser), you could just replace the flip top cover with the original casing.
I understand that these devices arent 100% compatible with all backups, although I, (and also my friend) have never had any problems with our backups.
I wasnt interested in chipping my ps2 as I too was worried about the warranty and getting it repaired in shops should it break. This is why I went for this option.
I paid £35 for both the flip top cover, and the swap magic CD and DVD loading discs. I
For more information just do a search for flip top etc in google, there are loads of sites and forums out there.

Thanks again for the advice.

Can anybody add to this?
What would be the best writer for PS2 backups?


Originally posted by mcegrb
[B]Can anybody add to this?
What would be the best writer for PS2 backups?

Please… [/B]

it doesn’t really matter which write u have.
what really matter is which media youre gonna use
if youre gonna use high quality media like Taiyo Yuden or Ritek, it would work perfectly
but if u would like to buy cheaper medias which more quantity, there is a possibility that it might not work
basically what i’m saying is, it doesn’t matter which kinda writer you’re gonna buy. It will work just fine if you’re gonna use the ‘right’ media

hey suhksb, does it matter if its DVD-R or DVD+R?

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I wouldn’t be holding your breath waiting for Forum Member suhksb reply because I seriously doubt that Forum Member suhksb is going to respond to a Forum thread that is almost 5 years old.

For Play Station 2 game back ups you need to use Verbatim DL MKM001/MKM003 DVD+R Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Book Type Bit Set to DVD-ROM.


thanks for the reply…
so these aint good?

@ godfeatha,

Verbatim Media manufactured by either Mitsubishi Chemicals and/or Mitsubishi Kagaku Media are indeed excellent quality Media.

The Best Buy Web Link you provided in your #8 posting is for Verbatim DVD+R SL Media.

For Play Station 2 game backups you need to use Verbatim DL MKM001/MKM003 DVD+R Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Book Type Bit Set to DVD-ROM as stated in posting #7 because Play Station 2 games are larger than 4.3/4.7 GB and require the use of DL 8.5GB Media.