Which would you choose ND2500A or ND2510A


This is my first time posting in here, hello everyone! I’m in the market for some good DVD writer and came across the NEC ND2500a and the NEC DL ND 2510a.

I’ve heard alot of good firmware for the ND2500a that make it burn 4X media to 8X and also DL compatible. It is also a bit cheaper than the ND2510a.

Second is the ND2510a, which is made for DL and the only thing is that I’ve haven’t heard much about firmware for this drive.

My question to yah is, which drive do you think I should get? which have less problem, better firmware, etc. etc.

Also, there are newer DVD writer that are out right now with capability to burn at 12X(16X something like that). Would you recommend something else beside the 2500a & 2510a.

Thank you and any input on this will be greatly appreciated.


The NEC 2500A and the 2510A are basically the same drives. The difference between these two is that the 2510A has been hand picked for DL burning. In order to burn DL discs the optical pick-up unit (OPU) of the drive has to be very precise. Not all NEC 25xx drives have such a precise (OPU) and thus the ones that don’t will be sold as 2500A drives. The ones that do will be sold as a 2510A drives. So, if you’re not interested in DL burning I’d say go for the 2500A. There isn’t much difference in firmware either because the hacked releases for the 2500A drive will turn the drive into a 2510A drive, so both drives can use the same firmware versions.

If you’re not a speed freak 8x burning should be more than fast enough. The Plextor PX-712A is one of the few 12x drives but other manufacturers are releasing or planning to release a 16x burner in the near future. The only problem is media…

Thank you for the reply. I’ve been hearing alot of good things about the 2500a, how the firmware(herrie) can make cheap 4x media to burn at 8x. My question is will there be any firmware that will do the same for the 2510a?

DL feature for the 2510a is nice, but if updating the 2500a firmware with herrie work like most people are saying would be more sweet. Plus the 2500a is a little bit cheaper then the 2510a. Since you say they both are the same drive and that basically the 2500a is a fell 2510a, don’t you think? just like back then buying the Radeon 9500np and softmod it into the 9700. You pay for the price of the 9500np and with just the hack driver it turns the card into the 9700 series(I understand that it work for some and not for all and I don’t mine taking that chance).

Once again I appreciate your help.


Well since the Herrie firmware’s for the ND-2500A turn the drive into an ND-2510A the firmware releases would work for both drives. I will move this thread to our NEC forum since I don’t know that much about NEC drives. I hope that someone will be able to give you some more information than me.

Well I bought NEC ND-2510A two days ago and I have nothing but problems with it. It records DVDs just fine, but it won’t record CDs or DC-RWs. And I have one more problem. It won’t read anything that has recorded. I don’t know, maybe it’s just my bad luck and I bought one which doesn’t work properly. I just thought u should know.

Newegg has the 2500a drives for $65 and the 2510 drives for $90. I would save the $25 and buy the 2500a and flash the firmware to make it burn DL discs. Not that you’d have to worry about it yet because those discs aren’t available yet. But you should definitely flash it with the 1.07v2b4 firmware to burn 4x discs at 8x. Believe me, this works VERY well!

FWIW, I bought the ND-2500A after having asked myself this same question. Dual Layer to me is not a worthwhile technology at this point - it needs to mature a bit. The media prices are expensive, it’s hard to find and there’s no telling what the longevity of this first generation media is. It takes nearly an hour I think to burn a DL disc at 2.4x. Other manufacturers are releasing their drives as we speak so prices on the recording hardware itself will likely to change.

I think it would be wiser to jump on the DL bandwagon a year or so from now when the technology has matured a bit - when there will be faster drives, cheaper and reliable media that is readily accessible. Those things aren’t there now.

My two cents on whether or not DL capabilities are worth the added money at the moment.

Hey thanks yah, everyone have a perfectly good reason. That’s true a lot of new hardware definitely need more time to mature up a little bit.

ddamjan, wow I’m sorry you have nothing but problem with your 2510a and thanks for sharing that. It make a lot of difference if I read that a lot of people having problem with certain drive. So far I’ve read that a few other peep are having problem with the 2510a.

I’ll probably just save some money and buy the 2500a and flash it with herrie newest FW.

Once again thank you all for sharing your thought and experience.

At $88, the price difference is probably in the noise. Especially considering that price you DO get DL support (even if the media is ungodly expensive). If you can’t justify spending an extra $30-40 ( the price of a few DVD spindles) then get the ND2500, otherwise spend the extra $30 bucks.

I have a 2510, bought it instead of risking the firmware flash after wieghing the choice.
Have to say, I’m happy with the drive. It worked out of the box and the price was right for what I wanted to do with it. As far as the dl issue goes, i agree with the above posts, it’s expensive and immature at this point, and really wasn’t a huge selling point for me. But again, when the tech matures, this drive will probably be flashable to more stable dl burning at higher speeds…:slight_smile:

Go with 2500A then flash the firmware to 2510 seems like a pretty simple answer and keeps 25 bucks in your pocket, that’s enough to buy you a small spindle to get started with

I have the 2500 (I love it) I can flash firmware to 2510 if I want so really if you get the 2500 you have both :o

Newegg 2510 $83 vs 2500 $68 that’s $15

I also went with the 2510, my logic was that for $15 more you get definite DL support, but more importantly, I think if indeed it is virtually the same drive, the 2510 could have less variation in the OPU / Laser accuracy.

So even with single layer burns, you may get a better quality burn. Again, just my guesstimated logic

Variation could explain why some people get much better scans than others using the same media, firmware and same 2500 drive

How is that possible?

Is it because the drive can already burn DVD-Rs/DVD+Rs at 8x so theoretically it can do Dual layer at this speed too when the media is available that can handle it?

Today there is no reson to go for the 2500 when the pricediffrence is none or low.
Better to be 100% sure that DL media can be burnt without fw-mod.
Soner or later DL media burn will be temting, so better be safe than sorry.

Greetings all!
Here in Croatia the price difference between these two models is somewhere near 10$. I think that it is vital, if something goes wrong, that you have original firmware in the drive so you won’t have problems with repairs. When you flash 2500 drive to 2510, you loose warranty. And when something malfunctions, you can only cry :eek:
I don’t know, but I am not really willing to loose warranty for just 10$.
Just my two cents - one of these days I’m going out to buy 2510, right now I have some health issues that prevents me from walking :frowning:


Yeah, that’s what I thought. My 2510A was only £5 more than the 2500A

I pay 22$ more for the 2510 when it was released in my contry in june. Now you can pick up the 2510 for 10$ LESS than 2500 on the cheapest place för the 2510 and normal price for 2500.

If you love to gamble, buy a 2500 and flash it…if you want it to work “out of the box”, drop $10usd more and buy a 2510 and have a drive under warranty…period…:slight_smile: