Which would be better to store jewel cases in?

Hi All :slight_smile:

I’ve got quite a few dvd’s in jewel cases that I would like to store.

Of course taking into consideration…dust…light…etc, I was just wondering which of the two below would be best for my jewel cases?

The one above is a clear, snapped-in plastic container. One thing I’m worried about with this is it’s clear, therefore won’t protect the cases from light? or am I just being paranoid…

This one pretty much looks like a shoe box! Though would this one protect the cases from light better? since it isn’t ‘clear’? Though…since it isn’t sealed, would be less protective against dust? All you do is take the lid off to get to the dvds, so yeah it is pretty much like a shoe box! :smiley:

Anyways I would like your thoughts and recommendations regarding these two storages. :cool:


I’ve got several boxes like the one in the bottom pic, a few of them store discs in slim jewel cases.

When I’ve checked the discs for deterioration (roughly about every 6 months), they’ve appeared fine.

So those are the boxes that work for me. Plus you can stack them on top of one another if space is low. :slight_smile: