Which will suit my needs?

Im going to be getting a DVD burner for Christmas, but I cant decide which one to get because I know very little about them besides that their expensive and the discs are expensive.

I need one that can do the following:

  • Make backups of all my DVD movies(I have over 250, although I dont think I will backup all of them)
  • Backup data on my PC
  • Able to Live direct record to DVD from my TV Card/PVR(MPEG2 Encoding)
  • Support all the formats
  • Must also be able to burn CDR/RW
  • Doesnt make coasters

I would like to keep the cost under $150. So far, the ones Ive looked at:

Pioneer DVR-A06U
LiteOn LDW-411S
LiteOn LDW-440D
Sony DRU510A

Since I dont know much about them, I cant pick one. Can anyone recommened one of these or a different one?

Also, which DVD media is the one that DVD players can read? Or does it varry by the player? And what is a good brand of DVD media to buy? Ive been using Memorex CDR’s for years and they have been great, Im thinking about using their DVD media as well.


Anyone? :confused:

If you do some research on the forum you will find alot of information that can help you decide. In fact, their are several threads dedicated to questions almost identical to yours.
If you really need to save yourself the time and effort then just go buy the Pioneer A06u/106d… its highly recommended around here and I’m happy with mine.
Else, fire up the forum “search”, and you’ll dig up alot of useful info. I owned an LG GSA-4040B until I saw the review here and quickly returned it. After alot more research I decided on the Pioneer and every day I see more and more people praising its performance/quality/compatibility.

Pioneer indeed!!! As Av8er above pointed out,there are few writers on the market that can give the low price,and compatibility that the Pioneer 106/a06 can,
and if you wait just a bit longer,they’re coming out with a dual format (-/+) A07/107 that can write at twice the speed of the ‘06’…Good Luck with whatever you choose…:cool:

Any idea on how much the newer one would be?

No idea… but the prices on the A06u/106d are dropping everywhere… a week ago here in London Ontario Future Shop had them on for 429.99 and are now on sale for 199.99, and when the sale ends the regular price is now 279.99. Another computer shop here had it up at around $350 and its now down to $263.99. These prices are of course CDN dollars. I downloaded firmware that allows me to rip at 12X with my pioneer drive… from start to finish I can now back up a movie in about 25 - 30 minutes. I did this just yesterday with Terminator3.
8X drive will probably be nice but really… how much faster does the average Joe need to go?

  • Good Luck

Actually… having read over my post it occured to me that the name of the game with computers is always to go faster and faster… I remember when I first got my 48X LiteOn CD Burner…
Using cloneCD and burning an entire disc in less then 4 or 5 minutes. :bow:

30 minutes to me is nothing at all if I end up with a high quality DVD. But I certainly can’t knock the idea of doing it in half the time.