Which will be the next LiteOn drive with LightScribe?

I recently had some probs with my LiteOn 811S and had to return it (it did scratch the discs). Didn’t get a new 811 or 8xx drive, but my money back. No too bad indeed. :smiley:
Now I want a new LiteOn drive. 1673 is the most recent one, but it seems not to be perfect. Plus I would really want to have that LightScribe feature.

So the question is: when will new LiteOn drives be released or just announced, hopefully with LightScribe? Any rumors?


lol, i am cool with light scribe, yeah it might be nice xtra thing later on, but its a waste of money for the qulity it is now, and the qulity of media who knows u know

Well it is a nice addon and if i buy a new drive i would like one supporting this feature cause it wont be double the price of a non-lightscribe.
And with best quality it doesn’t look bad to me.

So please, no argue or opinion wheter LS is good or shit, we got enough threads here full of this. This is not the question here, thx.

@ Pac

The latest LiteOn drive will be the 1693, adding -R9 support. As far as I know there will be no LightScribe support. But LiteOn makes LightScribe drives for HP. See this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=126468

:cool: Leo

i was just stating my opinon, and for the cost of light scribe discs it doesnt apeal to me, but go for it, some hp drives (not made by hp) have the tech likev idw said :slight_smile:

Well, is the HP Drive recognized as a LiteOn drive and does is support LiteOn’s Tools for Bitsetting and KProbe?
I read that HP640 are also manufactered by LG or BenQ … weird…

Here is the thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=129163 HP640 is BenQ

I looked on the HP website and there is only the HP640i, witch has all the looks of a LiteOn drive. Also looked at the Walmart site and they sell the HP640vi, and looks like made by Benq. Very confusing for your customers, HP!
Time will tell if all the LiteOn advantages still apply to this type of drives.

:confused: Leo

Well I think I have to wait for more LS drives or new LiteOns to come.
If I knew the HP is deffo a LiteOn with support for KProbe etc., then i would buy it.
Really stupid what HP does. I think firmware will also be different, so the normal user will have problems finding correct firmware… im sure…