Which way...opinions please?

…basically having checked out software for the last 20 hours straight …and started from a point of barely being able to load a dvd in the tray:o …ive concluded that burning dvd to divx is the way to go for quality and cool compression.however i need some experience views here…ok…shall i rip …
1. straight to divx with a program like dvdx.
or 2. rip with smartripper etc to vob then convert to divx using say dvd2avi.

…are there any advantages /issues…better quality etc…

cheers for youre wisdom in advance:D

check out Gordian Knot. Best app for DVD2DivX

There are many ways to do this, but personally I go for Vidomi to do the conversions. Simple to use yet funtional enough to get fantastic results. Check out the tutorial at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=59485

…thanks guys i checked out vidomi and thought it was way cool…its not a program i see mentioned much but should be…top quality. still dont know if i should encode of the fly instead of ripping then encoding…the quality does seem excellent with decrypter then vidomi.any conversions to vcd /svcd im using honestech encoder. cheers markj

you should rip then encode to save your dvd drive the stress. I used vidomi for a while then switched to gordian knot because i have trouble getting vidomi to produce consistant file sizes of 700mb.