Which videogame-movie would you watch?

Recently there have been lots of videogames translated into full featured movies. Thanks to Uwe Boll we have also been presented with lots of crap productions, latest being Alone in The Dark. Upcoming movies are Doom and Halo.

But what videogame-movies would you defenitely watch? Which videogame would be absolutely totally awesome when translated into a good (No Uwe Boll) movie?

Doom 1!
Duke Nukem 3D!
Soldier of Fortune 1 / 2!

Doom is coming

i’d really like to see Duke Nukem 3D movie more than everything else! especially the end-boss video’s were already great in the game. duke nukem ripping of the enemy’s head, just to shit into his throat while singing his own title-song was sooo funny, i watched this one at least 100 times… :wink:


Monkey Island could be made into a good film.

Image … Diablo - movie :slight_smile: hardcore :smiley:

simon the sorcerer - great comedy :wink:


Deus Ex

Unbelieveable I am currently playing Full Throttle atm.

What about Sam N Max dude. The killer little rabbit and the dog in a suit is just the best. I have seen some pics of “Doom” the film and currently it looks like it dosn’t suck. This of course may change when I see some video footage of it instead.

Half Life 2, would be a excellent film.

Playboy: The Mansion :bigsmile:
Only joking but i liked tomb raider when it was made into a movie…

I can’t really see how some games can be a movie… like PGR2…
NFSU2 is 2fast2furious

HL2 would make a good movie
I think halo/2 is going to make a movie… those hollywood assholes want a bite on the 50mil(or 100 mil, I forgot) on opening day

All LucasArts games, including but not limited to Day Of The Tentacle, Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Sam & Max Hit The Road and Grim Fandango. Other titles that come to mind: Prince Of Persia, and Hitman: Codename 47 (or Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, or Hitman 3: Contracts)


Even though the whole Zombie thing has been done to death, I thought Resident Evil (the game) which I love would have made a great Game to Movie Transition. Whilst the movies are reasonable for shlock horror value, if I’d made them they would have followed more to the lines of the game that inspired them. Unfortunately I was dissapointed with the bollywood try hard blockbuster and fail attempt. Other than that Half Life would be a great flick.

It’s great to see you denominated some classics as well. As I really am a slut for the older LucasArts games, I think those would have my main vote. I just love Monkey Island (1 is best), Sam and Max were great as well. The dig had some great moments as well. And what about The fate of Atlantis featuring Indiana Jones? And oh… of course the Maniac mansion games… those were great as well.
Legend of Kyrandia was fun as well. Just as Flight of the Amazon queen. Full throttle… great sweet memories.

Arghhh just can’t stop :slight_smile:

I believe they already made a derivative one of Wing Commander, which had Freddy Prinze (what a retard) in it and it was awful. Had they made it with Mark Hamill and the cast of Wing Commander III (Heart of the Tiger), that would have been a great movie, as the game was a blast and quite fun just for the interactions and cutscenes. :bigsmile:

How about Leisure Suit Larry. :cool: