Which video encoding/editing sofware have a 64bit version?

Which video encoding/editing sofware have a 64bit version? I’m thinking of installing Windows XP x64 version. Does TMPGEnc, Sony Vegas, and Adobe Primiere have a 64bit version? Thanks.

Best suggestion I have, is to visit their web sites and check. Nothing I have heard of so far…

Thanks for the reply. I checked the FAQs on their sites, there’s no mention of a 64bit version, although one of them (Vegas I think) said it works with XP x64. But if there’s no performance gain, I’m not going to deal with the hassel of installing a 64bit Windows and finding drivers for all my stuff.

The current versions of Uleads VideoStudio and DVD MovieFactory both support 64 bit XP.

VideoStudio 10 Plus requirements page…

DVD MovieFactory 6 Plus requirements page…

I’d recommend the Plus version of VideoStudio because it features a 7 video track timeline, which allows for numerous video overlays while the “plain” version only allows 1 overlay and a title. It also offers 5.1 Dolby audio.

DVD MovieFactory 6 Plus offers HD DVD and Blu-Ray export support, AVCHD and DivX imports, basic edits. It too offers 5.1 Dolby over its “plain” version.

Both plain versions can export stereo Dolby.

All versions support LPCM and MPEG Layer 2 audio for DVD’s.

Hope this helps.

PS: DVDMF6 also supports *.srt subtitle files

It’s unlikely that we will see any software sellers creating 64-bit versions of their programs any time soon. They will attempt to get the 32-bit versions to run in Windows-64, but there’ won’t be any improvement in performance. Same with drivers and the like. It just doesn’t make business sense to have 2 different versions that require separate support and development. Once the demand justifies that investment, then we’ll see 32-bit versions phased out, much like we now see programs that are not compliant with Win98 and Win2K. But this will take years. That said, there’s still reasons to go with Windows-64 now, or soon, as the OS will run faster and it will still run 32-bit programs just fine.

You’d be better off to look for software that is multi-threaded and supports multi-core processors, as the boost in performance is way beyond the boost you’ll get from 64-bit.

As far as the support for the AVCHD format, that is not accurate. On InterVideo/Ulead’s forum it has been reported that Ulead’s Tech support advises that DVDMF6+Does Not Support that format. See the Thread Here