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I want to be able to take my VHS tapes, edit them and then put them onto DVD. I have (or will have shortly) a Sony DVD burner and a video card that has firewire support for video capture. The vid card came with software, but it seems pretty basic. What is available for video editing software?


Your VHS unit will need to have Firewire output for you to do any capturing. I doubt it does as all I’ve ever seen is S-Video & Composite Video ouitputs. You will need a Analogue Capture Card (or Video card) that can input either of these formats.


Or an analogue to DV converter.


I have a Matrox card with video capture. I am able to take my VHS video camera or my VCR and connect and then capture.
My question was really about software, like Pinnacle versus Ulead for video editing.


I personally use VirtualDub. Main reasons because it’s free, has very small footprint, powerful, plenty of plugins, and you don’t even have to install it, just extract the zip file and run the exe file.

I never used Pinnacle, but tried Ulead’s Media Studio Pro and Adobe Premiere for DV inputs. Don’t use any of these anymore, not even for DV…am using this instead to transfer full length captures and edit it with Vdub. Love Vdub!!!


Pinnacle quite often gets the upper hand over Ulead in PC magazines.

If you do decide on Pinnacle, and you also have a version of TMPGEnc (with a QuickTime plugin) installed on your PC. Disable the QuickTime plugin. As it interferes with Pinnacles Mpeg encoder.


how to take the water mark off videos


[QUOTE=freakygod;2212795]how to take the water mark off videos[/QUOTE]

contact the author. There is no way to remove it. They should have provided it without the watermark. Kind of surprised they didn’t catch something like that when it was uploaded.


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