Which Video Editing/Authoring Software do you use and why



Please post in this thread, Video Editing/Authoring softwares that you use, if you do it for a hobby, part time business, or professional use, why you chose that software, if you have tried others and what you thought of them. Please don’t use this thread to bash any other softwares… But if you didn’t like one, do say what you didn’t like about it.


I work mostly with mpeg2 captures, so my interests have been fairly narrow in scope, and I am purely amateur. I have worked with avi captures in the past and still do a bit of conversion work on clips found online.

I use VideoReDo Plus for editing mpeg2, though I don’t do anything elaborate. Most of my editing consists of cutting out commercials or trimming ends. I picked this program because of its ability to cut mpeg2 with minimal reencoding of the video. It also has a very handy tool for video/audio sync problems called Quickstream Fix.

My main authoring program is DVDLab Pro. This is one of the more expensive programs in my software collection, and I debated a long time before getting it. It has a flexibility and ease of use that I didn’t find in the free authoring programs and can produce very detailed, elaborate menus on those rare occasions when I want to get fancy. :slight_smile: It also has the ability to import complete dvd video when I want to rebuild a dvd, so I don’t have to demux to elementary streams beforehand.

I have tried several other programs, mostly through their trials, including TMPGenc Author, Womble Mpeg Video Wizard DVD, GUIforDVDAuthor, DVDStyler, Sony Vegas, Avid Free DV, etc. Many were more oriented towards camcorder users, and thus didn’t fit my needs very well. The free authoring programs were either too clumsy or too simple for me.


I mostly work with avi and dv-avi captures (from video camera, and some copying of vhs to avi to dvd). I do this partly as a hobby, and as a part time home business.

I use multiple softwares, for different things. I started out using Ulead Studio 6, but quickly found that it did not do what I wanted. I then bought Adobe Premiere 6.5, and found it to be very powerful, but quite complicated. Then I went to Sony Vegas 5, which was a little less complicated than Adobe, and very powerful. I do most of my complex work with Sony Vegas 5. If it’s just a simple project, I use Ulead Studio 11. I have recently acquired Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate, and find it more than I need for most projects. I am in the middle of looking at DVDit Pro HD as well.

Unlike Kerry56, I have not done any work with mpeg2 so far, but I’m sure I will dabble in it sometime in the near future.

I also have a lot of specific type programs I use, such as VirtualDubMod, and AVISYNTH.


C’mon people… I know more of you out there have some video editing experience…


I do all my stuff as a hobby.
For mpeg2 I use Womble Video Wizard DVD. It has good cutting options for transitions of audio and video.
For DV-AVI I use either TNPGEnc Xpress or Premiere, it all depend how much I need to do on processing.
For simple cutting and some cleaning, specially VHS tape material, TNPGEnc does a good job. If audio is really bad, than demux and process with Sound Forge 9.
Otherwise for camera footage, Premiere.
Was told about Vegas, but since I have Premiere, do not want to switch.


This is a hobby for me as well (sparkee by trade) ,I’m no expert,in fact what I’ve learned and still learning btw, I’ve learned from lots of READING here and elsewhere and experimenting with various proggies …
I use a variety of tools…too many to post here…But here’s a few.
DVDFab Platty,Shrink,DVDD…
VD,AutoGk,aviDemux, etc. etc…
SVCD2DVD,DVD Rebuilder Pro, FAVC…etc. etc.
I occasionally will edit/author my camera video clips to DVD by importing clips in AviDemux,save as mpg’s>MPGstreamclip or similar to edit>use VobMerge for one single VOB> FAVC for DVD… Or I’ll extract video with DGIndex to m2v and separate AC3 audio file,import A+V in DVDAuthorGui or similar app to author new DVD…
Other methods as well,just no time to post all…
I really don’t need any fancy video/Authoring apps,as I can easily achieve what I’m after with freeware…I do however value my other payware apps highly…


I don’t do much video editing now but in the past I use Pinnacle Studio 9 and Ulead to convert AVI from standard def camcorder to DVD.

I like the Pinnacle features including transitions, special effects and so on but its encoding engine is not as good as Ulead. So after authoring in Pinnacle Studio, save as AVI and make DVDs in Ulead.

I haven’t tried Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate though, I heard it’s good.


Avi DeMux to edit, FAVC or GUI for DVD Author (MuxMan) to author, depending on source.