Which video card is better?

I’m really not up to date on my video cards… but im thinking of buying a new one for my system… currently i have the powercolor card in my computer… but am thinking of buying the BFG… Can someone tell me which of these is a better card or if its even worth it??



i know some of the specs are different, but ive heard that just because they are different doesnt mean they are better… usually pertaining to the brand name or something… so, if anyone could help me on this, i would really appreciate it… thanks in advance!

the 7600gt is a better card, but you’ll be able to get a much better deal in 3-6 months when the next gen cards are out in full force

Now’s just not the right time to buy, imo.

If you have a PCI Express motherboard, I’d simply wait it out. The Direct X 10 stuff should be out soon, driving prices down on Direct X 9 parts.

I’m not sure the speed increase to the 7600 GT will be worth it, frankly. You may be able to jump to a 7900 series Nvidia card or X1900 series ATI card at a fairly good price if you hang in there.

I agree with everyone else here, but your probably still looking for an answer. I would go wit the BFG. The only advantage that powercolor card has is a 256 bus, the BFG should be overall better.

Here is a similarly priced alternative, with a 256 bus:

the 7600gt and the x850 pro are about equal performance wise (ie: one might perform slightly better in game X while the other performs slightly better in game Y)

but the fact remains that the first dx10 cards are scheduled to come out next month, and the OP’s current card aint too shabby, so if he can hold out till early '07 he can get either a mid-range dx10 card or a killer deal on an “old” dx9 card, ie: 7900/x1900

thanks for the advice… sounds like a plan to wait it out… i didnt realize dx10 cards were coming out that soon… that will for sure drive down the prices of these cards… im definitely gonna hold out for awhile on the dx10 cards, but i did want to get an upgrade on my current card soon tho…

so, just so im clear… there IS a big enough difference between these 2 cards that would consider it an [U][B]upgrade[/B][/U]?


Don’t forget that in order to run DirectX 10 you will need to upgrade to Windows Vista since it will be the only OS supporting it, unless there are changes.

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FYI, the 7600 GT fails when running the BD/HD-DVD readiness test by CyberLink.
I would still recommend you getting the NVIDIA card, but what I would recommend most is to wait.

Another vote to play the waiting game here!

The X800 range is about on par with a 6600, but the powercolor model we both own is based on a R480 GPU instead of the usual R423 used by most manufacturers. This means HUGE potential for overclocking.

Using ATI Tray-Tools I’ve gone from standard clocks of 475/490 (single data-rate figure for RAM) to 550/570, giving a 500 point increase in 3dMark 2005. I wouldn’t recommend flashing the BIOS unless you’re ultra confident about doing it, and even I didn’t hard-mod the card myself. I have a friend with a degree in electronics who did that for me. :cool:

IMO there is not enough difference in power between the X800GT and the 7600 to spend over 100 bucks.

As said before, wait a while and you’ll be amazed at what will fall into your budget range! Until then I would overclock the crap out of what you’ve got! :a

Oddly, the X800XT beats out the X850 Pro cause it has 16 full pipes, and can be clocked nicely past the 507/520 of the Pro (what an odd clock)

Here’s the table I’m checking to compare:

My X800XT easily does the 520/560 that the X800XT PE does, and if I put an 80mm fan near the top of the card even does 540/590 that the X850XT PE does.