Which video-card do I need



I’d like to know which video-card is good for (3D) games. e.g.: I want to play Unreal Tournament WITHOUT that “shocking”-effect.
I’ve got a PIII 450 with 128MB RAM,13GB HD, Voodoo2 card and a cheap S3video card. What do you guys suggest? (Now, UT sometimes doesn’t run smoothly ==>that “schocking”!!!
Hope you guys can help me. I’ve got a budget around 6.000BEf (=300 NLG)
How about Voodoo3?

Greetz Liquidsky


With that budget i would go for an Nvidia TNT2 based card.

I have the same system but have a CL 256 DDR card and can run 1280 x 1024 32bit without any problems but seeing that is 2x as much as you want to spend the TNT2 should work well.



He’s right…
DON’T (!) buy a Voodoo3!!! It sux big time, cause it ain’t 32bit… TNT2 is… A Viper770 (www.mycom.nl , good store) will cost you 300,= at the moment, and is MUCH better than a VooDoo3… Which will cost you bout the same…

Be smart and buy a TNT2…
(BTW: a viper770 has 32mb, a voodoo3 16mb mostly…) But… be sure to have AGP!


Tnx guys, I’ll buy a TNT2 like you said!
Do I still need that S3 card then or is such a TNT2 card 2D & 3D?


Die s3 kan je erdan wel uitlaten viper 770 is beide. je hebt een voordelige keus gemaakt! als je budget wat groter was dan zou ik de asus 3600 ultra kiezen…maar ja …kost ook wat meer


Don’t buy a viper770 it’s very slow. Buy a Xentor Maxi Gamer 32 --> excellent drivers, faster and about the same price.



That ain’t tru!
Look at www.tomshardware.com for some benchmarks …

The Viper ain’t bad at all… (ok, it won’t beat my Gforce DDR, but you could expect that…) it’s a great card for those 300,= … But you’re right bout the drivers… But, we are always haveing the Internet… !


Yep a TNT 2 woud probebly the choice but I think it is just a little bit expensiver then 6000 bef (about 7500 I think).
It’s about as fast as an voodoo3 and it supports 32 bit colors wich the voodoo 3 doesn’t .The only thing it doesn’t support is ofcours glide and openGL but the all the newer games do support direct3D and it is also a good driver (but not so good as glide tough).
In the case of UT direct3D just doesn’t work with my voodoo3 but it could be my card .
So think twice if you planning to play more then UT.



What I meant to say wasn’t to put down the viper however the Xentor is a bit faster for the same price so it’s a better buy, that’s why you shouldn’t by a viper.
Especially when you look at 32 bit. When you look at tomshardware like you said, the viper in high quality 32 bit 640x480 gives you a frame rate of 52 fps while the Guillemont MaxiGamer Xentor32 gives you 69fps. I don’t know about you(vampire) but I think that is a pretty big difference.



The best choice is a TNT2 Ultra. Buy The cheapest you find because the difference between for example the viper and the guillemot are only the drivers. The layout of the card is almost the same.
So, the only thing to do, is to install the fastest drivers (probably guillemot) on your cheapest videocard.


Guys, you’ve helped me a lot, but I’m getting a little bit confused (should I buy that Xentor or the Viper TNT2 ULTRA?)

Greetz Liquidsky


Xentor or Creative Labs TNT2 Ultra will both give you good performance just make sure it’s a proper TNT2 and not that TNT2 M64 crap.


And if you spare now some money you can buy at the end of februari/march the new card from Nvidia?
That card rocks


Well I just checked some prices at www.nieuw.nl and I have to admit that the Xentor is a lot more expensive (about f150,-)
then the viper, and looking at your budget I guess you should buy the viper…


Aangezien ik niet langer kan (wil) wachten, zal het dus de Viper 770 ultra worden, denk ik. Op de beurs dit weekend zal er nog wel wat van de prijs afgaan…
Allemaal HARTELIJK bedankt !!!

Greetz Liquidsky


NP dude…
And be sure you’ll buy your card at a wellknown store (PC DISCOUNT?)…
MyCom orso… (great service!)


Hi mattel007! :slight_smile:
OK buy a Creative Anhilator!

Good luck!


ghehehe, I bought the Xentor 32 (game-ed.)
It works great (for now)