Which video-card do I have to buy



I’d like to know which video-card is good for (3D) games. e.g.: I want to play Unreal Tournament WITHOUT that “shocking”-effect.
I’ve got a PIII 450 with 128MB RAM,13GB HD, Voodoo2 card and a cheap S3video card. What do you guys suggest? (Now, UT sometimes doesn’t run smoothly ==>that “schocking”!!!
Hope you guys can help me. I’ve got a budget around 6.000BEf (=300 NLG)

Greetz Liquidsky


Well, I’d say buy a TNT2, that should do it.
I’m not sure how much these things cost nowadays but i think 300 guilders should be able to do it…



You can get a good tnt 2 for that price


If I were you I’d wait for one or two months, by then there will be the new generation video cards, voodoo 4 and maybe 5 and the next gen. GeForce. Right now the GeForce is not a good buy because the drivers suck.
But if you really want to buy a crad right now go for the Maxi Gamer Xentor 32



bulk version is 350 guidlders or so…

it’s better than a voodoo 3… it has more memory wich comes quite handy when playing real big games

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Better wait to end of this month, or next month because Nvidia will release it’s nv15 chîp.


unreal is shocking with an riva tnt2 to
and with all other video cards (especially when your just started the game). The only
thing is that your hard disk cache isn’t very big. When you see the movie on the beginning you will see that your computer is precaching. This is in the game to. And if you haven’t got an big cache then your cache is empty when you are playing than the shocking screens will appear.

If you really want to buy an new video card. buy an geoforce from riva. You can get it much cheaper if you aren’t buying an diamond card. I saw it for f250,- that is the best video card available…

BY THE WAY: the makers from unreal are not very good programmers to!!!


tnx for your help guys
I bought the Xentor 32 maxi gamer! AND it ROCKS. SUperb!!!
But where can I download the new drivers?