Which video/audio player is best?



Finally had enough of WMP, yes i know its about time, but having had some compatibility issues and having the new annoying ads advertising music stores i can barely see any point in still using it. As such can people recommend a good replacement? Have tryed Real Alternative which seems quite nice but doesn’t handle M3U files and playlists the way i would like so are there any other good progs out there?


WinAMP Pro. All the way :iagree: . Go here for it http://www.winamp.com/player/


:stuck_out_tongue: the obvious one . . .
. . . didn’t think they did video but how wrong was i! Have to check out the Xvid, Divx, VCD support but looks very promising, thanks :smiley:


WinAmp 5.0X
Media Player Classic
BS Player

are my A/V players of choice…




for audio, have you ever tried Foobar2000? www.foobar2000.org

Not to mention, it is free!

For video, I use TCMP (The Core Media Player) or MPC (Media Player Classic