Which version of LVW5000 is the most stable?

Hi. I am looking to buy a Liteon dvd-recorder and I’d like to ask which one is the best to get. The LVW5007 or any previous model?



Here is a link to the LiteOn website that lists their models
According to them the 5005 is the latest model, probably due to the All Write technology, which is nice because you don’t have to worry about what media to use in it. It is best to use the media that will play in the DVD players that you are going to use the media in.
I have a 5005A mfr’d Sept '04 that I bought in Nov '04 and am pleased with. If you want a hard drive model or one with a VCR built in they have them also.

Whatever model you buy, go to their website and download the latest updates. Make sure you use YOUR serial number from the setup screen and not one listed in any forum.

They put out updates/fixes from time to time for all their products.

Thanx for your reply. I notice by reading the forums that some ppl own a 5007 model. Is that better than the 5005?

i think is sold only by SEARS, and believe only writes to dvd+r - I think they are clearing those out, but might be able to check specs from sears website to verify. Your other option with liteon for all-write technology (which I would recommend over just one formats, is the 5006 - this sold primarily by radio shack (at least in US), and also has a manual vcr+ mode for recording off tuner. - also has the 3hr recording mode from factory.

The 5045 has been the most stable of all the machines I’ve tried-- about six or so.

Be careful about the numbers. Places like Sears and Sams Club get special numbers (like the 5101) and while it looks like the model is newer because of a higher number, it is NOT.

Other than the 5045, I think the 5006 is the latest machine. Mine was made in November 2004 and it has the AllWrite feature. That means it burns video to DVD+ to DVD- and also does VCD and SVCD to CDs. From what I can tell the 5006 is just the 5005 but with the added 3 hr. recording mode.

BTW, I went through four LVW-5006 units and they all had major problems, some in common. See my posts elsewhere. Personally I would not but another LiteOn standalone DVD recorder until I hear they have their very serious engineering problems resolved. I just took the last one back tonight for a refund.

If you do get, or have one, put it in an open area, hook it up, tune it to a cable channel and monitor the output. Look for ‘jerky’ dropped frame output after a few minutes. Then let it run for several days and see if it is stable. Also do a bunch of test recordings. Assume from day one that it will not work and maybe you will find the needle in a haystack!

Only after a week did mine start really failing with regularity. See my posts elsewhere here with the full details of what is wrong with the LiteOn units. Maybe they will get machines to work by the 6000 series :slight_smile: