Which version of BW for Plex Premium?

Do you recommed one of the older versions of BW (ei: v4.57) or the newest for the best possible copies of Securom games at this time?

You can’t go wrong with either, but the latest BW5 will make it easier to make a backup with plex premium since all settings can just be left as automatic. BW5 will also be better at beating other protections - eg. safedisc

If you did opt for BW4 however, then v4.57 is reputed to be the best.

Is the Plextor Premium-U (USB with F/W 1.05) has the same degree of support under Blindwrite in terms of doing a “fair use” of a legitimate backup copy of a protected CD (alike Safedisc 1,2,3 & SecuROM 4,5) ?

Or it absolutely need to be ATAPI based (not -U) ?


My Premium-U works fine.

Is it For both protection ?

1- Safedisc 1,2,3
2- SecuROM 4,x,5.x


mine cannot copy safedisc very well, maybe up to 2.9 but others (kamikazee) work (this isn’t and interanl/exteranl thing as i’ve had mine in and out of the case).

Mine can however like all others copy any version of securom including the latest v5+

Which firmware version are you using over your Plextor Premium Drive ?

How comes theirs drives can’t be all the same if they have the same TLA# ?

How comes theirs drives can’t be all the same if they have the same TLA# ?

why can some people overclock ther 2000 cpu to 2500 stable working and others only to 2050? :wink: every device is a little different because of minimal manufacturing differences…

my plex prem (fw 105) worx great with all securom (cd, of course - using bw 4.5.7) and ('till now) with all sd (up to 3.20 !!! but only in combination with my toshi as reader) :bigsmile:

Must I use BWTweaker to specify the bwa file with Blindwrite 5?

My other question: is it possible to make a copy of a securom 4 protected game without using the .BWS since I believe there’s no need for subchannel data in securom. Must I have it to burn even though I have the BWI, BWA and BWT?

I use Plextor Premium and I’m not sure if I want to try BW5.

I can back up Safedisc games fine (Doom 3, Far Cry, etc.) on my Plex Premium. The copies play just fine in any other drive too. The problem is, I can’t do it with Blindwrite. I have to use Alc 120.

This is a bit of a delima. I have to use Blindwrite to make good backups of the latest SecureROM’s and I have to use Alc 120 to make backups of the latest Safediscs. I wish there was a one stop solution to all this, but I have not found one yet.

So I guess my question is, will Blindwrite ever be as good as Alc 120 for Safedisc???