Which Verbatim u will take for heavy duty Audio CD?


i just went to my Verbatim dealer here in dubai and i was shocked all the verbatim that used to made in europe now they are made in India China and Taiwan.

any way i took the best 2 samples that i feel they are real Verbatim not fake one .

here are some pics :

first one made in Japan model number 43364

second one made in India model number 43326

now i don’t care if its CD-R or Audio CD-R i just want to burn my audio cds and listen to them in my car and they should last longer with scratch resistance. as u can see in the second one it has crystal which is for scratch protection but it’s made in India !!

first one is Tayio Yuden second one is Mistubishi chemical.

so which one i should take ? and why ?

both of them same cost for the price.

and are they real Verbatim ?? or fake !!

thanks alot :bow: :bow:

Both are okay, but get the Taiyo Yuden when in doubt.
The Made in India Mitsubishis are made by Moser Baer and do not have any lacquer sealing on the edges.
If you can get Made in Taiwan or Made in China Super Azo CD-R they aren’t bad either.


but the Taiyo Yuden one doesn’t have scratch resistance !!

so now the China and Taiwan are real mistubishi ?

am confused i just want to get original Verbatim with scratch resistance to use it in car.

if u can show me a sample of best of verbatim i would be appreciated.

The real real Mitsubishi is from Singapore, but no CD-R is made there anymore. Only CD-RW.
CMC-made Mitsubishi CD-R is from China or Taiwan. It’s the best you can get at the moment, but it became rare.
MBI-made Mitsubishi CD-R from India isn’t that rare, but not as good as CMC-made is.

If it is heavy duty and you have another copy on good media there’s no problem with using MBI-made Mitsubishi ^^"

In my opinion for use in a car, the scratch resistant upper layer of the Verbatim DataLifePlus Crystal + Super Azo media is a more important feature than the possibly longer archiving lifetime of the Vebatims Made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden.

Please note that it has not been demonstrated that the apparent lack of lacquer sealing on the edges of those Made in India Verbatims results in a shorter lifetime -this is merely a theory at this point.

I haven’t tried the Made in India Verbatims (yet) but given the quality and better scratch-resistance of my Made in China Verbatim DataLifePlus Crystal + Super Azo CD-Rs, I would choose the Indian ones for this purpose.

ohh am so confused now loool i really need choose the best for anti scratch in my car… and i have to make sure i choose good type cause i will order 3000 peice.

so made in india ? if there is better than the made in india with crystal anti scratch guide me i will order it online i have no other solution or may be i give the model number for the dealer and he arrange it for me perhaps.

thanks all …

and do u think guys i should make C1 C2 error for the indian made to make sure ?

:eek: That’s a lot of music. :stuck_out_tongue:

Model number is same for MII and MIC ones.
Ask dealers whether they have MII or MIC in stock.

ok guys what if i changed my mind and said i will order those plextor :

i will ship them from USA or europe i dont’ have problem .

are those plextor are better in quality + anti scratch ?

or the crystal is better in anti scratch ?

thanks alot …


I’d prefer them over the “for audio” discs.

are those plextor are better in quality + anti scratch ?
or the crystal is better in anti scratch ?
You’ll have to try out. So, I’d recommend buying a small quantity of both media at first and see, how they work.
My Verbatim Pastell discs (TY) have slightly lower error rates compared to my “Made in India” Verbatim Data Life Plus scratchsomething. These media aren’t bad anyway, so there is no need to be worried about “Made in India” (kg_evilboy has some sort of allergy :bigsmile: there) . Actually, I have feeded my car CD changer with el cheapo discs from the supermarket and have had only few problems. I don’t mind if a disc goed bad there - in that case I burn another copy, as I have the original discs as source.

thanks alot …

You’re welcome!

Forgot: You should use your Plextor drive to burn the discs.


Those are some of the best CD-R media you can get (I have some) but they are not as scratch resistant on the top (label) surface as the Verbatim DataLifePlus Crystal discs.

Unlike DVDs the data layer in CD media is just below the top surface, so a disc easily gets irretrievably damaged if the top surface is scratched.

This might be unimportant for CD media used for archiving, but CDs that are going to suffer some potentialy rough treatment, like e.g. lying around in a car, it can be important to protect the discs in that way.