Which usb flash drive to buy?



I do not own a usb flash drive, and I thought maybe it is time I get one. They can be used for files but how about music and video? If the answer to this question is NO, then don’t read any further and just tell me no lol.

I want to use it mostly for storing large amounts of music mp3 files that i don’t listen to anymore but would like to have around and some video clips that are 20 min long. I don’t plan on bringing it with me everywhere I go, or running it over with my suv lol (i read that people test them that way).

Simply, I want one to free up space on one of my computers which is an xp and leave the flash drive in a safe place until i need to upload the files again on my other computer which is a vista. I tried burning my files to a cd-r but I dont want to have 20-30 cd’s laying around with music and videos.
Will a usb flash drive meet my needs, and is it reliable? I was thinking 8 or 16GB if I were to get one.


The “best” USB Flash Drive for you depends on what parameters that are most important to you.

Assuming you want an affordable drive with very good read performance and quite good write performance, I suggest A-Data Nobility series PD7-200x drive. It can be bought from Meritline and other places.

The drive doesn’t perform nearly as well for writes as when it first came out (labeled “Professional” instead of “Nobility”) using SLC flash instead of MLC flash, but the drive is now at the same price level as other drives that perform much worse for writes.

I have bought several of these drives.

Drawbacks: The drive cap can easily be lost since it cannot be attached to the back of the drive.

30 full CDs would hold 30 * 700 MB = 21 GB, so you can’t replace that many full CDs with just one 8 GB flash drive.


Based on your description, I would suggest portable external harddive instead.

For example WD passport 80GB $50, or other varieties (160GB and up).

It has very small footprint.


I just got a Kingston 8gb Flash on Newegg for 13.99 free shippping, and this one has red and green LEDs for reading and writing. It just cant be much cheaper, they also had a Corsair 16gb flash Voyager for 29.99 but it has a 10.00 Mail in rebate. There are good deals out there on flash you just have to look.


The problem with a lot of (cheaper) flash drives is that write performance is unspecified and can be quite poor - as low as 3 MB/s for sequential writes and as little as 1 small file copied per second for the slowest drives I have tried recently.

That is why I mentioned a specific flash drive where I already know that it has good write performance.


I have about 10 of them, most of them are the 2 gbs Corsair Cruiser Flash Drive, but recently I have bought a few of the 8Gb and 16gbs Flash drives, I just use them for taking work home from the office, some are faster and some are slower but all in all for my purposes they are fine. I think it all depends on what you want to use them for. If I really had alot of stuff to backup I wouldn’t use a flash drive I would use my 320GBsWD Passport Ext. Its so small it fits in my pocket and its very fast.


you should always keep your data in a usb drive rather than in a cd since the data is more secure in usb drive because cd sometimes becomes corrupt and it also dont work properly…


I have about 6 all different sizes and makes and the quality can be very different from one to one…
For instance if you have a standalone dvd player that has a usb and you want to play say avi files only some pen drives will do this (out of my 6 i only have 2 that work (data traveler and a no name from china bought off ebay)
Also some can be very slow at loading on a laptop/pc while others are quite quick…
To be honest an external hdd would be a good choice and the small laptop ones can be quite portable although not as small as a pendrive…