Which Ultrabook: Toshiba Z930-103 vs. Asus Zenbook UX31E-RY003V

I’m looking for a new laptop for my girlfriend, she has seens Ultrabooks and now she wants one. Budget is about 1000 EURO.

The main thing she’ll use it for is content writing, photo editing, internet browsing, a casual movie when there is nothing else to watch it on and maybe some Excel and Powerpoint.

She is a multitasker, the more Windows she can open, the better and when at home it will be connected to a larger screen with mouse and keyboard.

  • I’ve adviced her to go 100% SSD (so not a smaller caching one with a slow 5400 RPM HDD)
  • Core i5 (or faster)
  • min 4 GB of RAM

We’ve seen two candidates ourselves a Toshiba and Asus:

The Toshiba


[li]Core i5 3317U
[/li][li]4 GB RAM
[/li][li]Intel HD 4000
[/li][li]128 GB SSD

The Asus


[li]Core i5 2467M
[/li][li]4GB RAM
[/li][li]Intel HD 3000
[/li][li]128 GB SSD

Both are 999 EURO. What does everyone think about these Ultrabooks? Is there better bang for the buck another brand, another model?Something to watch, one of these that has a deal-breaker spec.

Which one would you get and why?