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Hi all,

I’m looking for the best DVD R media for long-term storage for my Samsung SH-182D. After I did some research, I found out that Taiyo Yuden is generally the best media. Here in the Netherlands, I can buy TY DVD-R 8x (100DVDs) TYG02/TYG03, or i can buy TY DVD+R 16x Full printable (100DVDs) T03. The DVD+R are 10 euros more expensive but that doesn’t matter if they’re better quality… So which media are better for my Samsung SH-182D? Any experiences?

Thank you


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My SH-S182D does quite well with the T03s at 8x/12x. I’d prefer T02s (8x +R) over those, but as you didn’t mention those I’m assuming you can’t get them.


Thanks for your reply. Can I expect this problem with the -R? My firmware is SB02 atm.


Personally, I don’t have that problem with my Samsung (originally had SB02, now have the official SB04, neither have the lead-in problem). I’ve burned several -Rs, they’ve all been fine.

To make sure you don’t get the lead-in problem, try and make sure your SH-S182D is on its own power connector (not sharing with a HDD or graphics card or other optical drive).

I can’t say for sure if you’ll get that problem or not, but if after checking the above, you do get the problem with -Rs, there’s a CDFreaks Edition of the SB04 firmware you can try. :slight_smile:

Edit: I’d say, to be safe, get the T03s :wink:


So with the T03s you mean the 8x DVD-R? Just to be sure… I’ll send the shop an e-mail because the description of the DVD-R 8x says Mediacode: TYG02/TYG03. Though the T02s are considered a bit better, aren’t they?


YUDEN000 T03s are 16x DVD+R. :wink:
Yes (YUDEN000) T02 8x DVD+R and TYG02 8x DVD-R are often slightly better than YUDEN000 T03 and TYG03 (16x counterparts).


I would have to say IMO go with the TYG02 discs as they do burn pretty good if you get ahold of a good batch.
I just received another batch of them and all I can say is WOW they are giving me excellent burns. :iagree: :clap: :bow:
Here is a typical scan of one of them these are the only discs that has ever given me a 98 score got to love that
PIF total. :slight_smile: :iagree:



OOHH!!! Good scan - one of the best TYG02 scans that I have personally seen-eh!


I don’t have any Samsung drives. But I can say that Sony/Verbatim brand YUDEN000T02 performs best with most burners I own. I also have That’s/sliver-covered-no-brand TYG02, they are good but not best. I don’t burn TYG03/YUDEN000T03 much, in my area they cost me more. Few experiences told me that T03/G03 is slightly inferior to T02/G02, at 4X/6X if supported/8X/12X speed. 16X is no to me, I prefer quality over speed. :disagree:

Hope that helps you.


^^ What Mike said - I don’t use TYG02 (or indeed TYG03 for that matter), but that’s a beautiful scan :slight_smile:


I’ll be a nuisance again, :bigsmile: but the guy asked about[I] archival quality[/I], which has nothing to do with original PIE/PIF scans, but rather with long-term stability, isn’t it?

For this purpose, if TY is chosen (there are cheaper alternatives out there, like MBIPG101 R04 under Imation or MCC004 under Verbatim), better go for the 16X (+R or -R) or the 8X +R. TYG02 is not really archival quality media, at least the official stability tests are not very good, and there are several reports of too fragile discs. Give credit to these reports or not, better play safe and buy discs with the least problems reported.

Once again, original PIE/PIF scans have nothing to do with stability, and not even with overall media quality in most instances. It’s like judging cars from their MPH alone and disregarding the rest.

My personal advice with TY is still YUDEN000T02 (8X +R) if you can still find some, then YUDEN000T03, then TYG03.


Now that Franck’s mentioned MCC004, all varieties (MBI, Prodisc, CMC) do really well on my SH-S182D, even at 18x, so those may be worth considering.


Thanks again for the replies. Now, if going for TY, I’d buy the YUDEN000T03. But looking at alternatives, is TY really worth the price compared to let’s say Verbatim MCC004?

What I want, are just good DVDs for video storage so I can watch them after ten year’s time.


With that burner, either YUDEN000 T03 or MCC004 will do well, although the MCC004 has the edge I think, but only slightly.

Personally I’m more inclined to burn MCC004s on mine, but as I said it’s pretty close between the two. :slight_smile:


I’d go either for Verbatim MCC004, or even HP-branded CMCMAG E01 as cheaper and just as safe alternatives to TY for long-term. Thing is, I don’t know how your Samsung burn E01s so check twice before trusting E01s.

Then as I often recommend, instead of trusting a single disc model, make at least two copies on two different disc models and store them in different places. Considering the extremely low price of media these days, it’s well worth the effort. Also check that your copies are fine by testing them after the burn (TRT, PIE/PIF scan).

And above all, paramount: handling with care, proper storing, avoiding high humidity or direct sunlight etc… etc… ;).

Part of the lifespan relies on the media itself, [B]part relies on how you burn it and take care of it[/B]… :cop:


Yep - you could go for some T03s and some MCC004s (I can’t say how CMC MAG. E01 burns on the Sammy as I haven’t tried :o).


You are correct I just misunderstood what the original poster was asking (sorry) :o
I still stand by TY for long term storage as well as MCC004 but like you have said
before it doesn’t hurt to use several different types of media for important backups
for the just in case factor of it. :wink:


Tab off topic but which stability test was this?? you got a link? i would’nt mind haveing a butchers at it.


I’m on the MCC004 bandwagon. Verbatim 16x DVD+R is just so much cheaper than TY. Most places I have seen in Australia want $1 or more per disc for TY 16x discs. Not to mention the places I have seen them are only online whereas most places have Verbatim media. You can even get Verbatim in K-mart, less than 50cents a discs here.

When the quality is even in favor of verbatim and longevity is the same if not better, is there any real point to getting TY media? That’s my question :slight_smile:


@ Original poster. I never had a Samsung burner but from my various burners the last years i have much good experience with TY media.

I’ll recommend TYG02 or T02 for backup but i think there are regional issues so i suggest you make some tests before you really get started. Personally i bought all my TY from svp and i never saw a bad disc from several 1000’s.

I’d take TY only if the price was same as Verbs. None of my TY discs has any sign of stability problems. I love T02 because of fantastic QS but i have far most TYG02 in my archives. All good and there is about 3-400 TY discs with precious data (not movies). I have no problems with Verbatim either and use them most these days (They seem to be TY too) :slight_smile: