Which type of DVD writers do you have?



Which type of DVD recordable drives and standalone recorders do you have? If you have more than one unit, add your post here please. You can choose more than one choice in the poll in case you have more than one type, for example, a DVD-R/-RAM drive and a DVD+R/+RW drive. There is yet no drive that can write to DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW/DVD-RAM as far as I know but I think such drives will proliferate in the future.


Does anyone find it compelling in the slightest that the HP100i DVD writer cannot write DVD+R discs but it CAN write DVD+RW media. Very odd indeed. Having said this, it is a first generation drive isnt it?


Originally posted by zebra
Does anyone find it compelling in the slightest that the HP100i DVD writer cannot write DVD+R discs but it CAN write DVD+RW media. Very odd indeed. Having said this, it is a first generation drive isnt it?

Yes, HP DVD100i is one of the first generation DVD+RW drives based on Ricoh MP5120A.


not a thing yet, but i wish a dvd-ram as a tv recorder, which is more versatile, and a dvd -r/rw on the pc, to backup my important data :stuck_out_tongue:


Have paid a lot of money 1 year ago for my DVR-A03 :slight_smile:

To replace a video recorder, I would never take anything without a hard disc!


From the looks of the poll,people jumped like a kangaroo on the Sony,I sure hopped on it,doggone it!!! :cool: :cool: :cool:


Yeah, it seems that Sony DRU-500A is the second most popular DVD writer after Pioneer DVR-A04. I wonder how many units have been sold so far.


Yeah,Ken,(you got my brother’s name without the ‘shin’,:slight_smile: )while
we’re on the Pioneer subject,did you see this. from the DVD-Recordable website…
Reading through various forums and discussion groups it seems that we are far from happy with Pioneer and the A05 4x speed DVD writer. The writer will not burn satisfactory to the budget brands and is limited to 1x speed writing to known 2x speed media. I was going to get myself an A05 for Xmas but I have serious doubts now.
This is what consumers in various forums have been saying

{click on the headline for the full article}

“Intenso DVD-R has read-errors, more than half of the files on the Disk is not readable. (tried 4 times using different software always the same result)”

“the discs are not compatible in a lot of DVD players. So it sucks!”

“when trying to burn onto the Datawrite DVD-R nero it gives me Power Calibration Error.”

“Managed to burn 15% on one datawrite classic disc and 55% on another disc at 2X, now all i get is calibration errors”

“however cannot burn 2x Meritline brand media. I get calibration errors on both”

“I did have digital pixalation on one of my Princo DVD-r’s half way through Forrest“

“I think we all should get a Commodore C64 and a 1541 Disk Drive,”

“My newly bought a05 burner won’t recognise my mmore 2x media as such, and will only burn in 1x.”

“So far, I have I have had problems with 2 different 2x media:
DataWrite 2x - Yellow/black Label - burn failed, Power Calibration error
Unbranded 2x - White Label - Burn failed, Power Calibration error”

“I have tried to format 2 different DVD-RW discs (the one included with the drive and another made by imation) but I keep getting and 0051-003-0031-001 error. I’m seriously thinking of returning the drive and getting the Sony”

“This is getting frustrating; I’ve got a DVD Writer that won’t write on the blanks I’ve got”

“I got a pack of E-performance dvd-r’s and they are not recognised”.

”I got Datawrite classics and they “burn” at 2x BUT the resultant disks are gubbed and unreadable in any machine”

“No luck at all, kept getting “power calibration error”

“Unfortunately I have nothing good to add to this forum. I too have an A05 that only burns one media”

”I had the same result EXCEPT for the Datawrite Classic - of which I also got a 10 pack. The only write option available is 2x or Max and when burned they are fecked”

“data verification fails on everything ive burned onto bulkpaq (purple top) gen3.2”

“i got my 105 today and am not very pleased-it wont detect the purple topped bulkpaq”

“it also doesn’t like cdr-w i tried 2 different types and wouldn’t touch them.”

“Just to add my findings with my 105 to this list of woe…”

”2x Choice (white top) @ 2x = writes, but unreadable or partly unreadable in all hardware “
”2x Choice (white top) @ 1x = fails writing partway through and clouds disc”
”1x ICE White top = does not recognise disc”
”2x Datasafe (yellow top) = fails writing partway through and clouds disc”
”1x eProformance = does not recognise disc”
“I have no discs that will write in my 105. All used to write without complaint in my 104”

“media (works fine in dvd, ps2 etc but cannot be read on ao5 or liteon dvd)”

”datasafe yellow tops burn but unreadable in any machine …”

”had nothing burn at 2 x yet…
it also doesn’t like cdr-w i tried 2 different types and wouldn’t touch them
I can burn them at 2x too - but the resultant disks are gubbed"

As you can see there are a lot of unhappy Pioneer users
“They told me the firmware update is now going through the final stages of testing and hopefully should be out sometime next week.
He also said. ‘Unless errors occur’??”

“I Phoned Pioneer UK tech support today, and was told that There are clones of TDK and Verbatim discs that use the manufacturer IDs (such as TDKG002.000000) but use inferior quality dyes in their discs, and it is these inferior dyes that cause the discs to fail when burning.”

“The man at Pioneer (Very helpful and informative :slight_smile: also told me that the ‘clone’ discs have a brownish or blueish tinge to the dye and are using a pure organic dye, whereas the original discs have a nice purple tinge to them, and are using a different dye type. which is why people think that pioneer are ‘banning’ the cheaper media. but it’s because the media actually doesn’t meet the correct specifications and isn’t of good enough quality”

“rang pioneer customer services this is what they said. they told me that all cheaper dvdr-media isnt gonna work with a05 as intended. that it writes in 2x with unusable result and that only a few cheap dvdr’s work and then you are limited to 1x speed. customer service guy advised me to buy an a04 with firmware 1.31 or buy expensive media”

“I should also mention that when Pioneer tech support was contacted on this issue they said that the firmware on the AO5 is PURPOSELY designed this way to “protect” (!LMFAO!) users from burning coasters on media that they consider sub-par”

“Pioneer is aware of a number of disks on the market that do not conform to
the DVD forum standards for DVD-R disks, Pioneer has never recommended the
use of these disks and we can not support there use in our drives, We are
investigation the problems that users are having using the Eproformance
disks and all other DVD-R disks.”

”We have found that a large number of disks that have the incorrect media ID codes on them will not work in our drives, this is a fault with the disks. “

”Pioneer will be updating the firmware to add new media to the 2x and 4x
lists within the firmware and we will also be update the firmware to
improve the usability with correctly made disks.”


“this has got to be a firmware issue rather than a bad drive issue
i have a 105 and have not yet come across a media that i cannot burn
the drive also performs tasks that my 104 would have struggled in doing
i have firmware 0.52 and would like to know what firmware the ppl who are struggling have??
i am taking a shot that the 1.00 firmware was put on the drive to disable the cheap medias that pioneer don’t want us to buy”

“Its easy to say, or perhaps think the problem would be the media. But then, ber in mind the following. The very same discs that has a very high failure level on the A05, works VERY good with the A03+A04. If the problem is the media? Then why doesn’t it affect these units?”

“A VERY important note about the A05 is to see that errors seems quite solely being given birth to at higher writing speeds then 1X. Heat problem? Or laser intensifying/power calibration error? I still have grave doubts the media is the rotten dog in this case.”

“I would like to add that Ritek’s 1x DVD-Rs are actually 2x, they just didn’t pay for the certification. I know this is true of all their current DVD-Rs, though some older stock might be different. I have this straight from Ritek”

“Ok that is what they say Pioneer, but in fact sometings are wrong,You see SONY did also blame the “Bad Media” and after a lot of complain
from customers they have make a new FW and NOW all this so called BAD media works 100%”

“Pioneer have implanted some about this cheap media in there FW. All media that have been sucessfully have payed pioneer to be in there FW so that’s why Princo and other cheap media fail”

“Cheap” media seems to be having the most problems by far as I said. However, “cheap” media is what keeps the majority of your customers buying your drives.

“I love Pioneer. But if we are restricted to using expensive DVD-Rs, I think I’ll return it”

“this is possibly the worst piece of hard ware i’ve ever bought i also have a 104 and no problems with any kind of disks.”

“This is seriously shit on the part of Pioneer if they are blocking 2x on cheaper media and preventing even 1x on it too”

“my patients is wearing thin with this, its like buying a car with 3 wheels,it will go ,but not correctly…”

As you can see there is a lot of dissatisfaction with the drives performance and Pioneer just say it is down to bad quality media, I don’t think so! A lot of the alleged poor quality media burns satisfactory on the A03 & A04 and also on the Sony so who are they trying to fool?? It has to be political, they messed up the writing on similar media with the firmware upgrade to 1.33 on the A04 then they did the same with the A05. Fortunately there were a few A05’s that didn’t get upgraded when the drives were recalled that’s why there are a few happy users with the original .52 firmware.
Come off it Pioneer we are not all green.


Not a good day for their latest writer,I hope a FW upgrade can fix this,I think Pioneer is one of the better equipment companies,
they make a HELL of a pro dj cd player,the CDJ-1000. Good Luck to Pioneer,Rob


Hm. I don’t think Pioneer DVR-A04/A05 writer drives are that bad. They are also great products and Pioneer tries to lower the price and takes efforts to continue to get enough industry support in China, Taiwan, US, and other markets. For that matter, it has done a little better than Ricoh and Sony for the last two years, I think. Things could change anytime now though. I can’t predict which company will lead the DVD writer market in 2003 and 2003. Philips, Sony, Ricoh, Pioneer, LG, Samsung, Yamaha, Sanyo, NEC, Plextor, LiteOn, Toshiba, HP, Hitachi, Mitsumi, and many others will all compete intensely in this rapidly growing market for the next few years. In terms of market share (revenues), it will probably be Ricoh, Pioneer, Sony, LG, and Samsung with the largest chunks in the next two years. Soon, LiteOn, BenQ, Asus, and other Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers will catch up.



What you have found is nothing new, neither is it special! And if you look at the media which made problems, then it is clear that it can’t work!

Meriteline: Ritek, very varying quality :frowning:
Princo, very varying quality :frowning:
Intenso (DDD, Ritek) :frowning:
DataSafe and the such: different manufacturer every day :Z
Bulqcrap: :frowning:

Stick with media which is recommended for 2x writing by Pioneer and not rebadged! You don’t use CMC or Intenso or Platinum for CD-R either, do you? Why do you think that manufacturers, which cannot even make proper CD-R media, should be capable of making DVD-R media?

Did you notice that so far only very few people have complained about real, not rebadged, media by Mitsubishi, Maxell, Pioneer etc?

You can believe me, it is all down to bad media. The Toshiba SD-R 5002 will burn only coasters on this generic media BTW. Only coasters. But these companies who make all this bad media will continue to exist as long as people buy their stuff and make coasters.


Originally posted by Alexnoe

What you have found is nothing new, neither is it special! And if you look at the media which made problems, then it is clear that it can’t work!

The point you made in your statement above was long acknowledged. It was merely put there inform those who come to
this site looking for answers to questions they may possibly need.
I don’t claim to know it all,but if someone can make a wiser decision by something I’ve posted,my intentions were realized.
While the subjects I’ve posted may not be new to you,you can’t possibly speak for everyone…:smiley:


But you quoted mostly negative comments about Pioneer (-) drives. There have been complaints against Ricoh (+) and Sony (+/-) drives, too. Also, lots of satisfied users for all of them.

Comparing Pioneer DVR-A04/A05 with Sony DRU-500A, the drives themselves do not differ that greatly in issues like reliability and media compatibility except that DRU-500A can also write to DVD+R and DVD+RW discs.


BTW, I feel that the average US retail price of DVD dual format writers such as NEC ND-1100A and Sony DRU-500A will fall under $300 by the middle of January 2003. At least 20% price drop. I always wondered why Sony DRU-500A costs $400 in Tokyo and as little as under $250 in some US retail channels. Now, the newest Sony (and its OEM) drives are also cheapest in Japan. Without increased production and more efficient designs during the past few weeks, it wouldn’t have been made possible.

But 8x DVD+R/-R writers will also emerge sometime during next year and then 12x and 16x. Possibly at the end of the second quarter or in the second half? The lifespan of 4x DVD+R/-R writers may be only six to nine months. Can the media manufacturers catch up?


Ken,that was a post to inform all,not to take sides,as you saw me
write at the end of the post i wished Pioneer well,and went as far as to say it’s DJ CD player was great…please read the entire post


@Rubbrob: I think the greatest problem is that CMC, Princo, Ritek, DDD, and some more, are allowed to make DVD-R media…


Alex,I think you misspelled my name…:bigsmile:


I am right now considering to buy up to two units of the same type among these:

Pioneer DVR-A05 OEM (IO DATA, Logitec, Pioneer DVR-105, etc.)


Sony DRU-500A OEM (Buffalo)





Originally posted by Kenshin
I am right now considering to buy up to two units of the same type among these:

Pioneer DVR-A05 OEM (IO DATA, Logitec, Pioneer DVR-105, etc.)
Sony DRU-500A OEM (Buffalo)

Buffalo DVM-4222IU2 based on Sony DRX-500UL

This is my final decision for December 2002 DVD Writer Purchase Planning.

I ordered two units of Buffalo DVM-4222IU2 DVD+R/-R drive which sells for 37,800 Yen per unit here but maybe there will be other shops selling for less. Total cost estimated at about 700 USD.

After buying and reselling 15 or more CD writers, I will be buying as many DVD writers. The most important factor in choosing this for me is that it has both IEEE 1394 and USB 2.0. Currently, there is no Serial ATA DVD writer which I expect to overwhelm the market starting year 2003. I also need to invest a few hundred USD in motherboards and add-on PCI cards that have IEEE 1394 and USB 2.0 controllers. I don’t know what to do with the bundled software in Japanese.



Just started and the current numbers are:

No, I will wait till they are less expensive
38.5% (47)
No, I will wait till one format has won
22.9% (28)
No, and not planning to buy one either
12.2% (15)
Yes, I have a DVD-R(W) drive
11.4% (14)
Yes, I have a DVD+R(W) drive
8.1% (10)
Yes, I have a dual format recorder
6.5% (8)


Originally posted by Kenshin

Just started and the current numbers are:

Total: 1361.
Poll started: 15:20 / 16-12-2002.
Last vote: 06:24 / 28-12-2002


No, I will wait till they are less expensive
38.4% (523)
No, I will wait till one format has won
22.1% (301)
No, and not planning to buy one either
5.6% (77)
Yes, I have a DVD-R(W) drive
15% (205)
Yes, I have a DVD+R(W) drive
10.8% (147)
Yes, I have a dual format recorder
7.9% (108)