Which TY/Ritek cdr? Which finish?

Please pardon me if these are silly questions. For years I’ve just grabbed whatever blanks looked decent (made in japan, now taiwan) at local chain stores, but am ready to try the TY or Ritek.

I use a black sharpie to label discs, never inkjet printing. So which finish do I need? I see white printable, silver lacquer, silver thermal lacquer, silver printable…as you can see I’m very confused.

If it’s not in bad taste, I’d also ask if Supermedia is a reputable mail order firm? Considering free shipping the prices seem better than rima.

Finally…are there Ritek or TY cd-r blanks that I should avoid?

TIA for sharing your knowledge, and happy holidays.


Hi and Welcome!

for labelling discs using a sharpie, you can use any disc, the surface does not matter.

If you have the choice between Ritek and TY, get the TY. Riteks aren’t really bad, but they don’t last very long. They are good for temporary use.