Which TY media?

Let me say to start that I don’t mind if they’re 8x or 16x. I’l be buying from SVP who are the only reliable vendor of TY in the UK. I also have no preference for +R or -R. I just want discs that will produce the best quality burns and last longest.

So the choice is Plextor YUDEN000T03, unbranded YUDEN000T03, unbranded TYG03, unbranded TYG02, Panasonic TYG02, Verbatim TYG02.

I see there has been concern expressed in these forums over specks on the branded media. Any input would be appreciated.

Haven’t heard of any problems with specks on the Plextor-branded media or the unbranded, so just pick one out of those.

i havent had any problems with the verbatim ty’s from svp yet :slight_smile:

don’t buy the Panasonic TYG02, they vary in burning quality extremely (high pif’s, pie’s are ok)

Just my two cents - the top disc of the Plextor YUDEN000 T03 spindle I bought had minute, I can only liken them to “scratch marks” around the outer edge of the disc. Didn’t scan very well towards the outer portion, either.

However, the rest seem to be lacking these marks (the ones I checked, anyway)…so it may just have been a fluke, I haven’t even burned a second one yet!

I’d personally go for the unbranded. Unbranded TYs, both CDR and DVD+/-R, seem to do extremely well for me!

Having tried +, - 8X, 16X, printable and silver and eventually came to the conclusion that for me DV3148 ( 8X +R Printable) yuden were the best. For a while SVP shipped me batch TG001162 but recently they sent me an older and inferior batch so I tried out http://www.dvdshoponline.co.uk/Taiyo_Yuden.html white full face
and was able to get my prefered batch again

Are the Taiyo Yuden from dvdshoponline genuine? I saw these http://www.dvdshoponline.co.uk/Hyundai.html and was really put off ordering from them.

If I want to backup my dvds and i burn them at 4x, what it make a difference if the blank dvds were 8x or 16x? Would it make it faster if i bought 16x as oppose to the 8x?

If you run as fast as you can, does it matter if you’re running on a 8 lane highway or on a 2 lane? Think about it. :slight_smile:

Have no idea about the Hyundai but the ones I bought are real enough

I will be going back to SVP for my next order but think it is better to have two sources rather than just one

I believe those are fake TY. Judging from the image of the disc on that website, the serial numbers do not look like genuine TY ones. The genuine TYs I have used do not have black serial numbers printed in the transparent area around the hub ring.

The Hyundais are expensive crap… 8,39£ + shipping worth of crap :wink:

Just a quick note to clear things up.

I can confirm that all of the Taiyo Yuden discs on our Taiyo Yuden page are genuine Taiyo Yuden. We have authorised distributor status with Taiyo Yuden.

We currently stock the UK’s largest range of blank CDs and DVDs, and our range goes from the very best discs, right down to the cheap ones, with many in between. The Hyundai discs are not in the same leage as Taiyo Yuden, and they do have a fake TY code. The Hyundai discs are NOT genuine Taiyo Yuden, but we don’t advertise them as Taiyo Yuden. They’re Hyundai. We understand that many members of this forum prefer high quality discs, but there some people who want really cheap discs. We try to cater for everyone, by having such a big selection.


I have a hard time considering any shop that sells faked media as a “legitimate” seller. Nowhere in the online ad does it state “fake”, and the TY MID is clearly posted. I’d call that deliberately misleading. Most customers wouldn’t know what “fake” means anyway, and any mention of the TY MID is misleading.

If you really want to serve your customers, consider that not selling them land-fill media from Hyundai would be a good start.

We are certainly not trying to mislead anyone. We don’t make the Hyundai media - we simply re-sell it. There is a demand for budget media, but customers have a choice - While we all appreciate the quality of Taiyo Yuden discs, not everyone is prepared to pay that high a price for media.

Look at the “fakes” argument with two situations:

  1. A disc is advertised as Taiyo Yuden, and customers buy it as such, but it turns out not to be. Nobody will disagree - this is wrong.

  2. Cheap media manufacturers, such as Hyundai, use TY or YUDEN codes on their media to improve compatibility. The discs are sold as Hyundai, and they are so cheap, you couldn’t mix them up with Taiyo Yuden discs.

We don’t think that people buy media like Hyundai, expecting to get Taiyo Yuden quality at a fraction of the cost. People buy Hyundai media for just one reason - it’s cheap.

We would love for everyone to buy top of the range Taiyo Yuden media - quality is excellent, customers never have problems, recordings play back in every drive. If customers ask us for advice about which media to buy, we recommend the good stuff… buy some people want cheap discs. We try to offer as many choices as we can - a disc for every purpose, and for every budget.


  1. A disc is advertised as Taiyo Yuden, and customers buy it as such, but it turns out not to be. Nobody will disagree - this is wrong.

And this is exactly what you are doing, or have you not looked at your own web pages?

Hyundai 8x DVD+R - Tub 50
Info: YUDEN000 T02

This blank DVD from Hyundai is an 8x DVD of the + (plus) format - 
the Hyundai 8x DVD+R. It is supplied here in caketub packs of 50 blank DVD+R
 discs. These blank DVD+R discs are NOT rewritable.

You see anything above that suggests this is not TY media?

The discs are sold as Hyundai, and they are so cheap, you couldn’t mix them up with Taiyo Yuden discs.

Again, so why do you advertise them as TY?

What you are doing is preying on uninformed people, you know full well that many folks will buy this thinking it’s TY and a great deal. Look around this forum if you want to see how often this happens. You can try to spin your dishonest practices any way you like, but it’s still dishonest.

You see anything above that suggests this is not TY media?

Yes - Hyundai. The product has the word Hyundai in the name, and in the description. If it was Taiyo Yuden, we’d say it was.

All our Taiyo Yuden media is on the Taiyo Yuden page.


Just curious, how long have you been out of used car sales?

Three and half weeks :slight_smile: