Which TY discs for my ND-3550A?



I was about to place an order at newegg and thought I would grab some DVDs for my new burner.

Which ones would you suggest?


Any of those should be very good to excellent with your NEC 3550.

If you need 16x burning speed go for the 16x DVD-R media, otherwise go for the media with the top surface type you need (Inkjet printable, Thermo printable, etc.) or perhaps the cheapest one if you don’t care about the top surface.


Like DrageMester said, it depends on what speed you are planning on burning at. TYG02 DVD-R (1-8x) burned at 4x yielded better results generally for my 3550A than the TYT02 DVD+R (1-8x) burned at 4x. BTW, I don’t recommend burning the Verbatim (1-16x) MCC03RG at 4x as the results aren’t upto par for the MCC03RG media.

Happy burning :smiley:


Where do you see the TYG02 or TYT02 model numbers? I’m looking at the description on newegg and I don’t see anything like that.


TYG02 is the mediaID of Taiyo Yuden [B]DVD"+"R 1-8X[/B] media regardless what type of surface finnish is on top (i.e. printable, silver lacquer finish).

TYT02 is the mediaID of Taiyo Yuden [B]DVD"-"R 1-8x [/B] media regardless of the type of finnish on top.

You will find that it is often just referred as TYG02 or TYT02 and is assumed that one would understand that we are referring to the “minus” or “plus” TY media respectively. Don’t worry, it’s a little confusing to begin with but you’ll pick up the lingo :iagree:


Actually the MID of Taiyo Yuden 8x media is like this:

[li]8x DVD+R is YUDEN000 T02 (not TYG02)[/li][li]8x DVD-R is TYG02 (not TYT02)[/li][/ul]


so just get a spool of any one of these and I should be good to go?


who’s this “drcy” dude?

400 posts in a month?

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sorry, to answer ya last question…

yeah any TY discs are the bees knees, no questions asked - there’s not many things that are certain these days but if you buy discs with those codes - any discs - you will get top quality.

As long as they’re not fakes…

but all TY discs are expensive so if you got them for an unbelieveably cheap price they’re prolly fakes and you will know straight away by doin a transfer rate test (use nero cdspeed for this)

I dunno why that guys burning at 4x? totally pointless, you can burn all TY discs at 16x with no problems no matter their rated speed - data or video. 12x is a good compromise if your paranoid :wink:


LOL, I must have been on drugs…completely mixed them up :stuck_out_tongue:

As to why I am burning at 4x…it’s the safest speed I can burn at because I’m using it in an external enclosure connected to my [B]old slow laptop[/B] via USB 2.0 and am too cheap to purchase the Firewire PMCIA card :bigsmile:

And if you think I posted a lot in 1 month, lol then you haven’t met james4eva or geno who average 40-90+ posts per day :iagree: :bow: but it’s not like I’m trying to keep pace :disagree: .


here’s something i lifted from another site:

Taiyo Yuden rated speed & format/ media ID coding / inner hub reading

4x dvd-r = TYG01 / GD00xxxx
8x dvd-r = TYG02 / GG00xxxx
16x dvd-r = TYG03 / GH00xxxx

4x dvd+r = YUDEN000T01 / ?
8x dvd+r = YUDEN000T02 / TG00xxxx
16x dvd+r = YUDEN000T03 / TH00xxxx


from all the forums and threads i’ve gone through, the general consensus is that any Taiyo Yuden media is an excellent choice. there are discrepancies on pricing though. you’ll find that the -Rs are generally cheaper than the +Rs.

many others have suggested that +R media with DVD-ROM booktyping will give you maximum compatibility. you can fool DVD players to think they’re just like official movie DVDs that were factory pressed.

then there’s whether you want to print directly onto the DVDs using an inkjet printer (look at the Epson printer lines). they have white inkjet, silver, hub printable, etc.

i bought a 100-pack 8x DVD+R (white inkjet hub printables) from rima.com for $54.99. if i went the -R route, it could have been cheaper. cheaper still if i didn’t get the printables (100-pack 8x DVD-R is $31.99).

that’s just a short synopsis of weeks of research on a couple forums. now, if someone can just suggest ideal burn speeds for burning movies on 8x +Rs using the 3550a.


I think I’ll get the 50 pack of TYT02’s.

I just got my Blockbuster Online membership, so that should keep me busy for awhile. JK!


It’s true that there’s little or no point in burning TY 8x/16x media at 4x.

It’s also technically true that you can burn all TY media at 12x/16x if the drive supports it. It’s not necessarily true that you’ll be able to read the disc afterwards. :disagree: