Which two should I use?

I recently upgraded my dedicated burning machine and the new case only has room for two drives. I have available in my collection several drives. Which two would be the best to use from the following that I have available:

Benq DW1620
Benq DW1655
Benq DW1640
Mad Dog NEC-4550
Samsung SH-S182D
Liteon SHM-165H6S

I am leaning toward the Benq1655 and either the Liteon or Samsung. Only thing is that the Samsung scans are not very accurate and I hate that it does not auto bitset. I have to do it manually before each burn.

Well, you have quite a collection of burners! If you are already leaning towards the 1655, I would have the 1655 as slave and the Liteon 165H6S as master.

I completely agree :slight_smile:


what about this:

  • put the Litey into an external enclosure, and you can use three drives. :slight_smile:
  • crossflash your 1640 to external firmware, install in external enclosure and you can use 4 drives :slight_smile:
    Install the 1655 and the Samsung internally.


Problem Solved, I am now using a larger case that hold four drives.