Which TV card should I buy?

I’m going to Southern Asia very soon and I want a TV card that will pick up the local TV channels of wherever I am. Which one would you recommend or what price range should I be looking for?

what your looking for doesnt exist , no tv card can pick up channels from the air , they all need to be connected via cable to the wall socket or digital cable/satalite box.

apparently you can get USB receivers that will let your laptop receive TV channels

ive never heard of it

Then you need to look for USB receiver that works with a card you want.

Partially true. Most TV tuner cards can pick up channels over-the-air (though not on their own) - you need an external antenna in order to do this.

now that i think about it your right , however that way they will only get a very small number of channels , and not all of em

I’d suggest that you’d have a look at IO-Data and what they’re offering. You should also look up if they’re using the same broadcasting system as in Europe/US or wherever you live.

There are various products (external usb or internal pci card) in the market that can do what you want. Check Pinnacle’s site for more info; they are the most well-known company that have such products; of course there are others, less pricey, too. What a usb device demands for it to work, is a usb cable to connect it to your PC, a dc power connector and a cord to your aerial antenna for good reception, although it usually has in the package an external one for immediate use (with less than good reception).