Which Torrent site is the best?



Hi everyone
At the moment im using an old computer as the graphics card has failed on my good one. I was using a uTorrent site (Torrentspy) on my other computer but I don’t have anything on this one yet because im looking for opinions as to what is the best. I will be honest and say that I was happy with Torrentspy but is there a better one available. Are Bit-torrent sites much different there are so many to chose from.
Is there any free sites I can join I don’t want to pay just to get access into one so I can see if its better then Torrentspy. I think everyone has there own personal preferences as to which site they use but if your using one and its very good and you would recommend then please let me know. I would be more then happy to recommend Torrentspy to anyone but while im using this old computer just thought id try something different.



I’m sure you can find some legal stuff to download on those somewhere.


Thanks mate ill have a look


I think Demonoid.com is very good. Please only download legal torrents tho… :wink:


I have never heard of the other ones but I’m sure you can find some stuff to download somewhere on LegalTorrents. :smiley:


Thanks everyone


I’ll second demonoid.com, however you’ll have to catch them when they have open membership signups (usually on the weekends).



Demonoid isn’t bad. You can find pretty much everything there.


Without a doubt, Isohunt.com. Though with the lawsuit brought against them by the MPAA their life could be ended within the next three months.


can anyone send me an invite for demonoid? Thanks in advance, Egbert


Check out www.torrentfive.com

I use that, or mininova and both are terrific!


If you try www.torrentscan.com you can search a variety of torrent sites. BTJunkie has always been one of my faves


There are a few Torrent Search Engines that are good. Like i’ve also posted there are some good Blog sites that have some good stuff to.


My favorite torrent sites were always The Pirate Bay, Demonoid, and H33t, not necessarily in that order, but they’re all good. Isohunt I didn’t get into because nobody leaves comments.


Demonoid, piratebay, abd btjunkie are my favorites.