Which tools do you most use



We are using some tools in computer everyday. But which one do you use most and which one do you think appreciate good?


Regarding downloading or just in general?


A selection of hammers, from very small to 3lb.


I have hammers very small ball peen to 16 pound slege .

I guess my favorite is a very worn tack hammer & a flat piece of steel that used to be an anvil . :wink: :bigsmile:


I’m very fond of my SnapOn 3/8" drive swivel head ratchet handle (Drive handle for a socket wrench for those that speek non-american versions of "English) but As I think the question is about computer “tools” and in specific “downloading”

I use You Tube Downloader daily

I often have issues with streaming video pausing itself so I prefer to download it and watch it without interference from web speed limitations
and watch the video in question annoyance free.


The most used tool on my pc is process explorer from sysinternals. It has allowed me to kill hung/frozen processes,applications on my pc a lot of times. Another useful tool is Unlocker from Emptyloop which allows you to delete files when windows is unable to delete them because some other program is using it.