Which tool for DVD copy with removed languages/subtitles/some extras (keep menus)?

Been reading through this forum (and VCDHelp and Doom9) and am now TOTALLY confused… especially with the recent addition of DVD- Toolbox and DVD-Shrink etc. :confused:

Basically what I wish to do, as I sure many others agree, is:

  1. If disc <= 4.7Gb then direct copy with DVD-Decrypter.

  2. If disc >4.7Gb then strip unwanted audio/subtitles and various extras until will fit on a DVD-5. Which tool is best to do this? (Instant Copy, DVD-Toolbox, DVD-Shrink?)

  3. I’ve decided I don’t want to re-encode to fit on a DVD-5; instead I’d rather use 2 discs and DVDXCopy. Thus, if disc after stripping all audio/subtitles and extras is still too large will go the 2 disc route.

As you can see I now know which tools to use for cases 1 and 3, but I’m stuck on 2… and for me this is the most common
:eek: Which is the best/easiest tool to copy a dvd including menus etc. but just remove unneccessary audio, subtitles and some extra features?:confused:

there is no tool reliable enough to remove extras you don’t want and maintain compatiability :frowning:

I have pleaded for someone to make such a tool, but as of yet no joy

the only tool available that is reliable enough is Ifoedit and you have to do it manually, easy but still manually :frowning:

DVDtoolbox only does one stream and DVDShrink has a nice feature where you can create stills of the stuff you dont want and it reduces the size dramtically

so until a tool can do it reliably enough personally I will continue to use Ifoedit

If you are comfortable using Ifoedit you can check out my guides in the link below to offer assistance

Thanks for the quick reply MackemX.

Okay, if I aim a little lower for now: Most of the DVDs I wish to backup are either DVD-5 or only slighter larger (<5.5Gb). Which tool will be best to do a copy with JUST removing unnecessary audio and subtitles?

(IfoEdit ‘looks’ too complicated, unless it’s easier in practice than it first appears?)

for movie only its DVD shrink

If you wanna keep menu/extras then DVD95Copy but if you wanna do it free then although Ifoedit looks hard, if you follow the guides it get real easy after a few goes

i also like dvd2dvd-r with cce/mainconcept encoder