Which to Use - ISOBuster or CDCheck

I have a Dell Dimension 8200 computer with window XP Pro installed. For CD/DVD burning I use the Gear CD/DVD software and Sony DRU 510a. I frequently backup important data files to both CD and DVD media. I would like to have a program to check a CD or DVD after I burn the data files, to assure that there is not any file corruption. I would also like to check the CD/DVD disks after about six to eight months later to assure that the media is not degrading.

I have looked at both the ISOBuster and CDCheck programs at their web sites and cannot decide which to purchase. It appears that the ISOBuster has more capabilities than the CDCheck program. However, since I dont have experience with either, I woud very much appreciate any comments and/or thoughts about either program. Thanks, Sam.

First all, i have only used CDCheck.

Its not a very popular program, its rarely mentioned here in this board. Nevertheless, it has features that you are looking for. Yes, it does detect cd errors. Unfortunately, on my Win98 SE system, when it encounters some read errors, it freezes…not good huh. I may be I’m patient but I can observe my drive continuously reading for many seconds. So, my conclusion is, it may not handle all read errors properly…you don’t wanna reboot every time your drive encounters a read error

uhm, about CDcheck freezing, it may be unfair to say the program is faulty. but its just my observation. It may be due to incompatibilty between media and drive. I have found out the disc in which my drive have difficulty reading could be read without problems with other drive.

Anyway, I never felt the need to get ISObuster for cd checking needs except when they mentioned it could duplicate Dreamcast bootlegs…heh

Thanks very much to both of you for your replies. Will try the ISOBuster first and then the CDCheck. If I have a bad experience with either one, will post back to this forum. Have a good week, Sam.