Which to keep? 1620 or 1640



I have a trusty “old” 1620 that has done its job very, very well. I just got a 1640. I can only keep one drive. From my tests on TY T02, MCC004 & CMC E01, I would say the currently 1620 has a slight edge. More importantly, the 1620 safely overspeeds quality media such as TY T02 stock, whereas with the 1640 I would have to use MCSE, which I’d rather avoid if at all possible (not currently possible with 1640).

I understand that there is a high likelihood of the 1640 being improved into a better supported drive via post-BSJB firmware updates. I have had the 1620 for a while and I consider BenQ to have rather high standards as far as quality of workmanship and firmware support is concerned.

So, which would you keep?

Here are a few 1640 scans: first two are of MCC004, the first @ 16x and the second @ 12x – I consider the 16x to be crap quality, and the 12x acceptable (1620 burns it similarly, so the media’s to blame). The last scan is of Fuji (1133 hub) TY T02 @ 8x - good PIF, high PIE considering the low burn speed.


Hi :slight_smile:
The results you have are typical with BSJB
Try BSIB for the media you’re using (MCC 004)
Find it here
I’d keep the 1640 as it’s rumoured new f/w due shortly with the requirements you seek


Keep both since they are relatively cheap and give good burns. And since they are cheap, their reselling value is very low so might as well keep both. I say since you dont have room for both, either shelf one or buy an external case and encasing one to use it as an external drive.


I agree. Keep both and shelve the 1620 until you’ve had time to really check out the new 1640, which hopefully is due for a fw update. :bigsmile:


Why can you only keep one drive? Just buy a cheap PCI ATA controller if your built in channels are full.


I have both the 1620 and the 1640 and am keeping both. the 1620 is a back up drive. the reason I decided to go with the 1640 is after testing it with some severely scratched\gouged discs. the 1640 is the first drive that I was actually able to retrieve the data off these disc’s with.


Keep the BenQ 1620.
Then if you don’t trust it anymore, change it with BenQ 1640.
Or try the BenQ 1640 until you’re comfortable with, then kick the 1620 out.


I guess I’d want to keep both too. I have two machines though. I’m putting the 1620 in my second machine and the 1640 in my current machine.

With both being so inexpensive, you could hang onto the 1620 without feeling very guilty, just in case you may need it. Like what if the 1640 flakes out, or goes bad, or has a bad firmware flash or simply doesn’t handle things quite as well.

One odd thing I noticed - the 1640 doesn’t seem to flash red when burning. Is that normal?


Unfortunately, yes. I don’t know if it’s a firmware or hardware thing.
If fw, maybe there’ll be a patch some day…



Thanks. I’ll keep an eye out.

Hey, at least the thing is uber-quiet in terms of tray operation though. I’ll console myself with that. (doh!)


I just got my 1640 a couple of hours ago. I burned a ricohjpnR02 @8x with the original fw (BSHB) then upgraded to BSJB with MCSE tweaks and burned a ricohjpnR02@R03 at 12x then a ricohjpnR01@R02 at 8x.
So far I think the 1640’s a keeper. :bigsmile:


Cool beans, man! :slight_smile:

I’m a 1640 n00b, so will have to do some burn testing. Thankfully, I got a bunch of 16x Verbatim DVD-R media sittin’ here so don’t have to worry about overspeed burning. Got 'em at Best Buy.

Anyway, it’s time for me to play around with the drive. New toys is fun to play with. :smiley:


Hi :slight_smile:
Guide to green light
No green light no disc
Constant greenlight disc inserted
Flashing green light disc activity ie:reading writing scanning etc
This is a hardware thing so no future f/w will alter this
Just another costcutter :sad:


That’s too bad. I suppose we’ll get used to it though, especially if the 1640 continues to be a great drive. :slight_smile:


Keeping both is not an option. I have made my decision: as much as I like the 1620, I’m going to keep the 1640. Not the end of the world if it doesn’t improve, as quality is already acceptable. Hopefully I’ll soon be able to burn TY T02 @ 12x w/o hacks.

Thanks to everyone for your input.


Thank you for the info. I can live with it. It’s just that it was different, so kind of threw me for a bit.

The most important thing is quality burns. As long as I get those, the light can blink pink for all I care… :smiley:


You forgot one:

No green light, no disc eject, power on accompanied by “thump”: RMA :wink:


Is that the sound the drive makes … or the one the case makes … ie. after the business side of your fist meets the side of the case? ( I guess some impressions are hard to shake off, huh chas? We’re all pulling for you this time though … that she stays afloat while you need her :slight_smile: )


That is the sound of my head hitting the keybord.

Actually I long ago stopped being frustrated with my 1620. I only paid for one shipping charge whereas BenQ had to pay for it five times. Also I found TTG02 and TYT02 are very good media for this drive so I have a use for it again.

Thanks for the sympathy.


Lol. I’ll betcha BENQ gets nervous whenever they see your phone number on their caller ID. :slight_smile: